Change is inevitable in life. We grow up, move out from our childhood home, start a family, look for a house of our own…And even after we have settled in our own home, we still make changes. Every once in a while, we repaint the walls, doors and window frames. We replace outdated and broken down pieces of furniture. And we change the look of our rooms, just to escape boredom and routine. One of the most popular moments in the year for updating the look of our homes is in the spring. We’ve come out of the long and cold winter, put away thick and warm clothes and bring out light and brightly colored ones. And we would like to extend this fresh look to our own house. Today we will share with you ten inspiring makeovers for small bedrooms which we believe will help you decide on a brand new look for your own bedroom.

#1 Adding Personality

There was nothing wrong with the way this bedroom looked initially…except that it was as impersonal as it could be. Actually, it looked like a regular hotel room not a warm and welcoming home. So the couple living in it decided to add some color, put some personal touches and turn it into a beautiful bedroom where they feel relaxed and comfortable.

bedroom 2a

bedroom 2b

Source: CountryLiving

#2 Let the Sun Shine

It is difficult to imagine anyone relaxing an having a good night’s sleep in this dark and gloomy bedroom. The wall colors are too dark, the curtains are too thick and block the sunlight (a really wrong choice for such a small window). Even if the new wall color is even darker than the original one, the white ceiling and the light and transparent curtains make all the difference in the world. The room feels airy, spacious and with a beautiful contrast of colors to make it great to look at.

bedroom 4a

bedroom 4b

Source: ApartmentTherapy

#3 Make a Little Space

This family needed a guest bedroom. But there were no available rooms for this…or was it? After some debate, the family remember that they had an attic and decided to convert it into a bedroom. This is more than a makeover: it is a wonderful example how a little creativity and DIY can turn a drab space which was not really used on a daily basis (see the state of the attic in the before picture) into a beautiful and functional area.

bedroom 7a bedroom 7b

Source: BHG

#4 Sizing Up the Bedroom

Although it has a small surface, this bedroom has a very high ceiling. The choice in wall color and decorations make the bed and other pieces of furniture look small and meager. It is not a pleasant sensation, stepping in this bedroom. But look what a huge change a brightly colored accent wall has made! The room feels warm and cozy, the furniture no longer lilliputian and unwelcoming.

bedroom 9a bedroom 9b

Source: RealSimple

#5 Growing Pains

This Disney themed bedroom is fit for a little girl…but no longer for a teen who wants to express her new, vibrant personality. Ditching the frills and the pink shades in favor of pale olive walls and solid green for the bed has worked wonders. Now it looks like the room where an intelligent and creative young adult can feel at home.

bedroom 5a bedroom 5b

Source: Huffington Post

#6 A Much Needed Makeover

We wonder how could these people enjoy a moment’s rest in this dark bedroom with so many busy patterns! The eyesore definitely had to go. And it did, being replaced by pure white wall paint and a clever re-positioning of the bed under the window. This is probably the most improved bedroom on the entire list here.

bedroom 1a

bedroom 1b

Source: CountryLiving

#7 From Cheap Hostel to Welcoming Home

The original look of this bedroom made it look like a cheap roadside B&B. It showed no personality and was plain uncomfortable to look at, let alone live in it. New wall paint, breezy curtains instead of the thick old ones and a single but poignant wall decorations turned this room into a pleasant bedroom the owner can call home.

bedroom 3a

bedroom 3b

Source: ApartmentTherapy

#8 From Drab to Fab

There wasn’t anything particularly wrong with this bedroom – except for the lack of personality and vibrancy. The dark natural tones matched but they did not express the lifestyle of the couple living in it. Fast forward to present day, the light wall paint provides an amazing backdrop for the brightly colored stools at the foot of the bed.

bedroom 6a

bedroom 6b

Source: BHG

#9 Too Many Colors

This bedroom was quite hard to figure out in terms of color theme: all sorts of mismatching colors were there causing eye fatigue and a general feeling of being unable to rest properly. The owner of this bedroom decided to whitewash the walls, the furniture and replace the bed covers, retaining only a few decorative items to provide a spot of color. The result is both pleasant and relaxing.

bedroom 8a

bedroom 8b

Source: RealSimple

#10 Just a Spot of Color

A bedroom makeover needn’t be expensive or complex. In this case, the drab look without any personality was quickly corrected by applying a single piece of artwork in a bright, vivid color. The room now feels more welcoming and says something about the person living in it.

bedroom 10a

bedroom 10b

Source: Huffington Post

And here we are, at the end of our list of inspiring makeovers for small apartments. Are you ready to update the look of your own home now?

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