We have already introduced you to the modern mid century style so today we have decided to continue to explore this home decor trend. Many people feel that modern furniture lacks personality and that the ultimate effect is that all homes look the same – like a hotel suite. Pairing the need to add a touch of personal style with the small size of their homes made people realize that the retro style of the 1960s and 1970s is the answer to their quest. Therefore, today we will share with you ten beautiful examples of modern mid century kitchens. Ranging from fully retro to a definite modern touch in looks, these kitchen solve a critical problem for small homes: having an all-in-one food preparation and dining area. Let us get started!

#1 Charming Retro Kitchen

The soft pink top and warm light brown kitchen counter is perfectly shaped to create an enclosure for the family chef to work undisturbed and to offer the rest of the family sufficient seating space to enjoy their meal. The asymmetric U shape of the kitchen furniture makes the best use of the available space, using the bottom space under the counter to integrate large appliances in an ergonomic manner.

kitchen 2

Source: Curbed

#2 Wood and Formica

Formica was the magic material of the 1960s. It looked like metal or natural stone, was quite resilient to the constant wear and tear and much cheaper than natural materials. This family decided to have custom made furniture just like in the ’60s. The wooden cooking counter and dining table are covered in formica to make them long lasting and easy to clean. The surprising combination of colors and materials gives the kitchen a cool retro look.

kitchen 4

Source: HomeDesignLover

#3 A Curved Approach

This kitchen demonstrates the innovative, out of the box thinking characterizing the ’60s and ’70s in term of architecture and design. The curved, tall kitchen counter serves as backrest for the seating. The round table fits like a glove in the concave space offered by the shape of the seating area.

kitchen 5

Source: ArchitectureArtsDesign

#4 Pretty In White

What happens when you combine the shapes defining retro design with the monochrome philosophy of modern style? The result is an airy and welcoming looking kitchen where every item of furniture belongs and which skillfully combines the cooking and dining areas in one room.

kitchen 8

Source: Rilane

#5 Bar Style

Bars were becoming more and more popular in the 1960s. They were no longer reserved for men and women of questionable morals. They were places where friends of all ages and sexes could meet for drinks, a quick snack and lots of animated conversation. So, people wanted to reshape their kitchen and dining areas to look like bars. The trend lived on and it looks great, especially in a small kitchen.

kitchen 9

Source: DigsDigs

#6 Stripes and Checkers

Nothing looks more retro than the checkered floor and the horizontal stripes on the walls in cheerful, complementary colors. This family took advantage of the awkward shape of their kitchen to give it a lively look, visually enhancing its length and creating a balanced arrangement of furniture along the walls.

kitchen 1

Source: Curbed

#7 Youthful Decor

We imagine that this kitchen belongs to a young couple. It certainly gives this vibe. The bar cart/ dining table is a strong indicator. This piece of furniture was a staple in ’60s and ’70s kitchen of bachelors and new families entertaining friends of their own age. The relaxed, bohemian look of this kitchen fits the rest of the decor in this small apartment.

kitchen 3

Source: HomeDesignLover

#8 Modular Design

Modular design was one of the most appreciated feature of retro furniture. People could rearrange their furniture and create new looks for their house with zero expenses. In this kitchen, the clever extension of the counter creates sufficient seating area for a large family. This counter can also be adjusted in length by sliding in and out of the main cooking counter.

kitchen 6

Source: ArchitectureArtsDesign

#9 Integrated Areas

Before the freedom wave of the post-war era, the kitchen was a mysterious place from which food appeared almost by magic. It was a closed area and it was quite inconvenient to bring piping hot dishes to the table in the dining room. All this changed in the ’60s. The kitchen and dining area became an open, integrated space, with a bar stand as separator. This kitchen is a perfect example of that design style.

kitchen 7

Source: Rilane

#10 Baby Blue

The retro design is characterized by an explosion of bright, cheerful colors, in the most unexpected of places or items, such as the fridge or the kitchen cabinets. This beautiful little kitchen is a perfect example of what is best and most charming about the mid century style, with the modern touch of kitchen appliances from the latest collections.

kitchen 10

Source: DigsDigs

As you can see, these modern mid century kitchens are the best option for small spaces with great personality. If you want to move away from the standard and depersonalized modern look, then this could be an excellent decorating option for your kitchen.

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