Living on a shoestring budget is a common occurrence for many families, especially for newlyweds. If you have already signed up on a mortgage loan for your first home, you are probably not sure how to decorate your small apartment or house and how to use the available space to the greatest extent without investing a lot of money in furniture and accessories. So today we will show you the best storage ideas with a minimum cost and maximum result.

#1 DIY Lid Storage

With a bit of extra cloth and a sewing machine you can craft this simple pouch system where you can put all the lids for your cooking pots. Affix it with three nails on the inside of a cupboard door and you have saved a lot of space in your kitchen.

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#2 Reuse Old Coat Racks

Every woman needs to have her jewelry ready to pick her favorite necklace or bracelet which goes with her outfit. Jewelry storage solution are available in store – but quite pricey. Instead, think of the old coat hanger which you wanted to throw away. Cut a section of it, clean and paint it and then glue it to the wall. Now you can arrange your jewelry and have them always handy.

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#3 Keep Toiletries Close to the Tub

Most houses have built-in bath tubs. The space around them is usually masked with a drywall. We recommend replacing it with hinged drawers. Now you have enough storage space for your shower gel, shampoo, loofah scrub and any other toiletries.

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#4 Put Your Cleaning Supplies Away

Cleaning supplies are very useful, but also hard to store somewhere where they do not get in the way and are out of the reach of small children. The simplest solution to store them in a convenient place is to reuse an old shoe organizer. Pinned against the inner side of the pantry door, this clear plastic organizer helps you find the container you need quickly and then put it neatly back in its place.

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#5 Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…

Free-stand mirrors were very popular once and your grandma certainly still has one in the attic. It is not only a great decorative piece of furniture, but you can also do a little DIY work on it to create a hidden compartment inside it for your valuable jewelry. You can now forget about bulky and expensive safe boxes.

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#6 Choose Furniture with Hidden Storage

This is the best option for a small home: furniture which includes storage space, such as pull out drawers. Beautiful, functional and space saving, all at the same time!

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#7 Repurpose Ice Cube Trays

Old ice cube trays make wonderful storage compartments for small jewelry, such as pendants, rings and earrings. It is especially great for keeping your earrings paired up and not losing any of them.

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Image source: Listotic

#8 Clothes Dryer

Drying your laundry is a challenge in a small home. Dryers are taking up a lot of space and soon enough your bathroom will become a cramped place. Instead, take an old ladder, sand and paint it, then suspend it from the ceiling. Now you will have a clothes dryer which does not take a lot of place and did not cost a lot of money either.

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#9 Keep Your Cables Organized

These days we live surrounded by all sorts of cables, especially power cables for our devices and internet connection cables. They can get out of hand and clutter your house (not to mention the risk of accidents). Used kitchen towel rolls are the ideal storage accessories for all your cables.

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#10 Reuse Old Drawers

If a drawer cabinet breaks down, you do not have to throw all of it. Save the drawers, apply caster wheels on them and repurpose them as under the bed storage shelves.

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Image source: Diyhshp

These are the best storage ideas we have found for a really small budget. If you find them useful and interesting, do not hesitate to share your experience with the decorating and arranging of your new home.


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