Small home owners must wage a daily battle against clutter. Items accumulate over time – furniture, decorations, clothes, toys, etc. Every once in a while you fill up bags to donate to charity, but this only solves the problem for the moment. The key issue remains: too little space to arrange all your things neatly and have some room to walk around. These storage spaces do exist – but you often don’t think that certain areas in your home can be used to store items. Today we will show you the top ten most overlooked storage spaces in your home which you should take advantage of.

#1 At the End of the Kitchen Counter

Do not let all the space beneath the counter go to waste. Instead, hire a carpenter to build custom made shelves which fit neatly into your counter. Just look at how much storage space for dishes and tableware this family gained in this way.

storage 7

Source: HGTV

#2 Above the Range Hood

Range hoods are useful because they absorb all the steam and vapor from cooking. They can also be fitted with a custom made shelve where you can keep salt, pepper and other spices you need when you prepare dinner. With a judicious use of space, you can even fit a few salad bowls in there.

storage 2

Source: GoodHousekeeping

#3 Above the Toilet

In small homes, bathroom space comes at a premium. It is hard to juggle with the soap, the shower gel, the toilet paper and the towels in such a tight place. This person decided to do something about this issue, and installed handy woven baskets above the toilet to keep towels and other toiletries. No area should be ignored in a tiny home when it comes to storage.

storage 4

Source: OrganizationJunkie

#4 Under Incorporated Appliances

Incorporated appliances usually do not sit directly on the floor. There is not a lot of space beneath them, but quite enough for a pull-out drawer for trays or tableware.

storage 6

Source: BHG

#5 On Small Screen Walls

Some homes have a half wall which acts like a separating screen between two areas of the room. These walls are not wide enough to fit a cabinet against them, but they are perfect for narrow floating shelves where you can arrange books, magazines, small decorative items, etc.

storage 10

Source: RealSimple

#6 Above the Door

Taller people have no problem reaching the towels kept in the custom shelf built above this door. For shorter people, there is always the handy stepladder. At any rate, it’s worth the effort if it frees up some space in your bathroom, right?

storage 8

Source: HGTV

#7 Above the Sink

Here’s a very simple and inexpensive way to expand storage in the kitchen: place an extra shelf above it. This family already had two cabinets on each side and it was a simple matter of uniting them with the shelf. This storage shelf is ideal for dishes detergent, sponges, scrubs, etc.

storage 1

Source: GoodHousekeeping

#8 Suspended Platform for Garages

Garages are fairly high and it would be a shame not to put all that vertical space available to good use. There are various ready-made platforms to be attached to the ceiling which offer plenty of storage space and have a good resistance to heavy loads.

storage 3

Source: OrganizationJunkie

#9 Behind the Door

No door should be ignored when it comes to storage space. A few pegs, one or two towel rods and you have plenty of space for belts, scarves, jewelry and even shoes.

storage 5

Source: BHG

#10 Under Kitchen Cabinets

Floating cabinets installed on the wall have a decent amount of space beneath them to allow you to expand storage space without making it too difficult to work at the counter. This simple shelf installed under the bottom of the cabinet runs along its entire length and offers plenty of storage space for dishes, jars with spices and any other items for which you cannot find storage space.

storage 9

Source: RealSimple

Can you believe how many overlooked storage spaces there are in your home? And with a little imagination, we are sure that you can discover even more. In this case, you are more than welcome to share your ingenious storage solutions with us.

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