Living in a small house with small rooms can affect your entire mindset and psychological state. It is proven that people resonate with the environment they live in and shift their behavior depending on them. So if you live in small rooms, you could become less willing to expand your horizons, experiment new things and allow yourself to grow as a person and professional. This is not good at all for you, so we will try to help you make your small room look bigger by using the right colors. Yes, paint colors for small rooms are a trendy indoor decoration topic and we took a few peeks at what the specialists recommend and will share with you. Let’s go!

#1 Bring Nature In Your Room

Green is the color of nature and it comes in so many beautiful shades. A light green, fresh as the first leaves of spring, will make your room look larger and more airy, giving you a sense of optimism and well-being.

small room colors 7

Image source: Rustic-Crafts

#2 Surprising Paint Colors for Small Rooms: Bold and Electric

There is no bigger myth than that you should only choose pale, pastel colors for small rooms. Look at this small bedroom, painted in electric blue. Does it look too small and cramped? Not really!

small room colors 10

Image source: Mytickerz

#3 Earthy Colors

A rich, warm brown hue on your home office wall will create a pleasant atmosphere, especially if you have windows on adjacent walls to create good lighting.

small room colors 8

Image source: Rustic-Crafts

#4 Lively Contrasts

Cheerful orange next to neutral white creates a wonderful, lively atmosphere in your small room. It creates depth and perspective and overall, gives you good vibes every time you enter the room. You should explore other cheerful and vibrant combinations like this one.

small room colors

Image source: Countryliving

#5 Monochrome Always Works

Pink walls with pink curtains and pink furniture may seem too girly…but they also make this tiny room look bigger. You can start with your own favorite color, find a tone that works for your room and then continue with the same color scheme for all furniture and decorations.

small room colors 6

Image source: Apartmenttherapy

#6 Embrace the Rainbow Colors

Why is a rainbow so pretty? Because the colors sit one next to the other in the exact order to create harmony. Nature always knows best – so why wouldn’t we follow its example?

small room colors 9

Image source: Mytickerz

#7 Yellow Never Lets You Down

Yellow is the color of joy and excitement. It is also a light color, reflecting light all over the room. These attributes make it an ideal paint color for small rooms. Either the dining room or the living room will look more cheerful and spacious if you decide to repaint them in a cheerful shade of yellow.

small room colors 2

Image source: Countryliving

#8 Glossy Paints

Dark colors are not recommended for small rooms because they absorb the light. But if you select a glossy paint type, then you can dare apply a navy blue or a deep chrome.

small room colors 5

Image source: Apartmenttherapy

#9 Complementing Colors

Warm yellow plus lively blue make a beautiful, soothing combination which lights up a small room and makes it more welcoming and airy. Your entire mood will improve when you decide to go for mixing colors which match and create the illusion of space.

small room colors 3

Image source: Thisoldhouse

#10 Paint the Ceiling and Walls the Same Color

One light color for all the surfaces in your room may seem boring on first thought, but it also eliminates contrasts, angles and makes the room look bigger. This is recommended for really small rooms, such as rooms arranged in the attic.

small room colors 4

Image source: Thisoldhouse

Now you know what you have to do to make your rooms feel larger. Select the right paint colors for small rooms and start redecorating!


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