Every inch of space in your house matters, so you should not ignore the hallway. Although most people simply dump their overcoats, shoes and umbrellas in the hallways, others are very careful about how they furnish and use this space in their tiny home. We searched for inspiration and decided to share with you these ten practical hallways storage ideas. Let’s start redecorating!

#1 The Bike Rack

Bikes are practical means of transport, 100% ecological. They also help you exercise, stay healthy and keep in good shape. But they are quite difficult to store in a small home, aren’t they? Not anymore! This practical bike rack on the hallway will help you keep them out of your way and ready to pick whenever you need them.


Image source: Housebeautiful

#2 Simple Hallway Storage Ideas Are the Best

Space saving and modern decor – these two elements are embodied in this minimalistic and colorful coat rack. It is specially designed to fit your very narrow hallway and create a spot of color.


Image source: Housetohome

#3 Ordered by Name

Now everyone will know for sure where their boots, shoes and umbrellas are. These space saving storage lockers fit your tight hallway and will give everyone in your family equal space to keep their belongings. That’s democracy, isn’t it?


Image source: Housetohome

#4 Make the Most of Your Hallway

This modular storage space/ coat rack gives you everything you need: a place to keep coats, shoes, umbrellas and a few baskets with various items. No more clutter in your hallway with this storage solution!


Image source: Digsdigs

#4 Make Every Inch Matter

Hallways with stairs are tricky. There is not enough space to install a regular coat rack or other furniture. But with a little originality and DIY skills, you can create this beautiful and useful rack, arranged by size, for every member of your family. Your small home will look really neat and inviting – just look at this example!


Image source: Shelterness

#5 Storage Boxes on Wheels

These storage boxes are very practical because you can move them around your house with ease. They are also great replacements of stools to sit on while you put on your shoes if you place a sturdy lid on them.


Image source: Digsdigs

#6 Display Your Artwork

Framed photos and paintings, some books you want to have handy – all these will fit really nicely on these shallow shelves, which will not take up too much space of your narrow hallway. Extra tip: you can use the top or bottom shelf to store your umbrellas.


Image source: Digsdigs

#7 The Rustic Seating Area

Organizing boxes for scarves, gloves, and hats – check. Key hanger – check. Coat rack – check. Firewood storage – check. All these neatly arranged in a tight corner, without taking up too much space. And it looks absolutely charming!


Image source: Housetohome

#8 The Little Library

Do you love books but are running out of space in your small home? Then arrange a little library on the hallway! The bookshelves are shallow enough to allow you enough walking space and you don’t have to worry about any other decorations.


Image source: Housebeautiful

#9 The Recessed Coat Holder

This rustic wooden coat holder with seating fits nicely inside a niche of your hallway, which wouldn’t be useful in any other way. Any home will look more inviting if this is the first image your guests have!


Image source: Creeklinehouse

#10 Another Great Use of Recess Space

This clever arrangement of furniture in the recess at the end of the hall is both enchanting and space saving – proof that with a little effort you can use efficiently every square inch of space in your house.


Image source: Shelterness

See how easy it is to arrange a functional and great looking hallway? We truly hope that our hallway storage ideas are practical and useful to you and that you will share other tips and tricks for saving space in a small home with us.

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