Spices and herbs are necessities in any kitchen and this is one of the “more is less” cases. I’m one of those spice addicts who love flavorful and spice-rich food so needless to say, I have accumulate tens of spice and herbs jars over the years, from frequently used spices like salt, pepper, garlic and onion powder to the less used ones such as nutmeg, cinnamon, or ginger powder.

If you are one of the spice addicts and desperately need efficient spice storage ideas to keep the kitchen neat and organized, this article is here for the rescue!

spice storage ideas back cabinet door

adhesive backed jar holders

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spice storage ideas organized drawer

wood drawer spice rack

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spice storage ideas small pull out spice rack

Pull-out spice rack

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spice storage ideas youcopia spice stack cabinet

Youcopia spice cabinet

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spice storage ideas shelves

Spice shelves

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spice storage ideas rack

Spice rack

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spice storage ideas diy magnetic spice rack

DIY magnetic spice rack

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spice storage ideas test tubes

Spice test tubes

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spice storage ideas shelves on door

Spice storage on the door

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spice storage ideas metal rack

Metal rack

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Hope these 10 spice storage ideas help you somehow in organizing spices in your kitchen. I love the most all the ideas that either hide away the spices or make them look pretty and unique so that you can show off your creativity when your guests come.

If you have any additional ideas in organizing spices, feel free to share by leaving a comment in the box below!

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