Every year we sit down at the table with our loved ones, enjoy the roasted turkey and give thanks for all the good things in life that we enjoy. It is the Thanksgiving, one of those festive moments when families gather together even if they live in different corners of the country. If you are the host this year, then you should prepare your house, decorate it appropriately to make your guests feel welcome. And we are here to help you with some simple, attractive and easy to make Thanksgiving decoration ideas. Since Thanksgiving is nearly upon us, let us get started:

#1 Front Door Decorations

Pumpkins are not just for Halloween and wreaths are not reserved only to Christmas. Look at this lovely combination of colorful autumn leaves arranged in a wreath on the door and the beautiful pumpkins heaped around the front entrance! Your guests will certainly feel welcomed as they knock on your door among these decorations.


Image source: HGTV

#2 The Basket of Bounty

Autumn is the harvest season, when we enjoy the richness of fruit of all kinds. What better way to celebrate the most bountiful season than with this beautiful basket of colorful branches of wild fruit and berries? You can place it on the hallway or as a centerpiece of your Thanksgiving dinner table.


Image source: Goodhousekeeping

#3 Classic Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas: Cornucopias

Cornucopia, or the horn of abundance, has been a sign of rich harvest and generosity from the times of Ancient Rome. Place all sort of fruit (apples, pears, oranges) into an overflowing wicker corn and arrange it as centerpiece on your table. It will be a good omen of abundance for everyone at dinner.


Image source: Midwestliving

#4 The Turkey Shaped Napkin

Everyone will be impressed with your Thanksgiving table when they see this beautiful napkin folding. And you will certainly enjoy a family dinner full of praise for your cooking and decorating skills.


Image source: Buzzfeed

#5 Leaf Shaped Cookies

Time to take the festive spirit to the next level: use a leaf shaped cookie cutter to prepare this lovely dessert for your family. The only problem is that they will feel sorry to eat these beautiful works of culinary art.

photo 9

Image source: Elledecor

#6 Painted Acorns

This will not take a lot of work or special skills. But the end result will look spectacular. You can also paint the acorns in various colors and write the names of your family members on them to show that families are always united.


Image source: BHG

#7 Pumpkin Candle Holders

Like we already said, pumpkins are not just Halloween decorations. They are a representative icon of the harvest, and they can be used to decorate candle holders.


Image source: Midwestliving

#8 Apple Candle Holders

Let’s get some natural scents to blend with the delicious food your cooked. These apple candle holders are colorful, easy to make and will enchant all your guests. Arrange them carefully on the Thanksgiving table and for an added aroma, sprinkle a little cinnamon on the apples.

photo 3

Image source: Goodhousekeeping

#9 The Harvest Mantelpiece

Do not forget this central part of your house! It gives you warmth, and everyone loves gathering around it. Many people keep precious decorations and family photos on them. We think it is an ideal place for this beautiful arrangement of colorful plates, grains and pumpkins.


Image source: Midwestliving

#10 The Pumpkin Fondue Pot

This is absolutely original! Carve a pumpkin and place the fondue pot inside it. Your guests will certainly adore it and it will become the second favorite dish (after the turkey, of course).


Image source: Buzzfeed

And this concludes our list of recommendations for Thanksgiving decoration ideas. Which one is your favorite?

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