Deck the halls with boughs of holly…or with something a little more original and unique. As Christmas is getting near and everyone is already planning how to decorate their front doors, homes and Christmas trees, we would like to propose a slightly different plan. Why should you simply plan what type of standard decorations to use, when you can create your own, together with your families? We really like the ideas we discovered and we know they are quite easy to make, so we would like to present them to you and help you renew your stock of Christmas decorations.

#1 Peanut Ornaments for the Christmas Tree

These little animal figurines are absolutely adorable and would look great on your Christmas tree. All you need is your children’s school painting kit and a few hours during the weekend. What do you say, will you give it a try?

DIY christmas 10

Image source: Buzzfeed

#2 Simple DIY Christmas Decorations with a Taste

These are just regular salt shakers…or they used to be, before you introduced the tiny fir tree and snowman. Of course, you will be placing them as decorations at the table. Most certainly, your guests will be impressed with your original choice of decor.

DIY christmas 5

Image source: Countryliving

#3 DIY Christmas Tree Globe

Take a simple, transparent globe and a CD or DVD you no longer need. Cut the DVD to pieces, apply liquid glue to the globe with a brush and then arrange the DVD pieces. For added effect, add some golded paper tissue inside the globe. Now you have your own miniature disco ball.

DIY christmas 2

Image source: Woohome

#4 Santa’s Helpers

Instead of traditional socks, arrange handwoven mittens on the fireplace. Their bright colors and warm feeling will be highly appreciated by whoever will wear them after Christmas.

DIY christmas 8

Image source: Goodhousekeeping

#5 String Art Christmas Tree

Your kids will certainly love this little DIY project. Buy colored string and small tacks. Arrange the tacks in various shapes and then create various designs (we love the Christmas tree, of course). This is a great way of spending time waiting for Santa when it is too cold outside to make a snowman.

DIY Christmas 9

Image source: Buzzfeed

#6 Bottle Cap Art

Now, let’s create more original decorations for the Christmas tree. How about a few funny snowmen made of bottle caps and with painted faces? You can also add little buttons, beads, sequins or other decorations. Most certainly, your friends will take a lot of photos of your Christmas tree!

DIY christmas 1

Image source: Woohome

#7 Find Alternative Uses for Globes

Now that you have your own homemade Christmas tree globes, it is time to find some use for those you bought in stores. One of the ideas we liked is to arrange them in a small basket, with some fir branches and other simple ornaments and use the basket as centerpiece for your Christmas dinner table.

DIY christmas 7

Image source: Goodhousekeeping

#8 Create a Small Vignette

Build a Christmas tree shape and decorate it with globes. For added effect, you can also put fairy lights, but make sure you keep the little scene under supervision, especially if there are small children in the house.

DIY christmas 4

Image source: Realsimple

#9 DIY Wreath of Mailing Tubes

Alright, not everyone receives blueprints or other documents in a mailing tube. So you can replace it with thick and glossy wrapping paper. Create the honeycomb shapes and add a few globes here and there. Now your front door looks beautifully decorated in a truly unique manner.

DIY christmas 6

Image source: Countryliving

#10 Let There Be Light

Twinkle lights make Christmas special, when we dim the other lights in the house and allow the soft glow of the tiny colored bulbs create beautiful light and shadow effects around the room. Get creative with the twinkle lights and arrange them on a wire installation shaped as a wreath (or as a snowman, if you like).

DIY christmas 3

Image source: Realsimple

As you can see, it is not very hard and it certainly is a lot of fun creating your own handmade decorations. Since we still have time before the holidays, you can start planning which one of these DIY Christmas decorations you wish to make with your family.

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