We cannot get away from work even at home. Bills need to be tracked. Correspondence needs to be organized and dealt with. Sometimes, even actual work is done from home, either as a freelancer, or as a couple of side projects. For this reason, the area in the house designated as a home office is a prime target for clutter. Various papers, books, magazines and office supplies are among the top items which accumulate on and around the home office desk, turning it into an uninviting and cramped space. Today we will deal with these working space invaders once and for all with these simple and effective tips for decluttering the home office.

#1 Color Code Storage Boxes

One of the main reasons why many people cannot keep their paperwork confined and archived in storage boxes is that they lose track of them and are not sure what goes where after a time. The solution: assign a specific box color to each type of items to be stored (bills, magazines, old projects). In this way, you will always know where to look for a particular document and where to place others when you are cleaning up your desk.


Source: RealSimple

#2 Sort Your Mail Smartly

These textile pouches are the simplest and most effective way to sort your mail. They will also help you stay organized, by separating important documents and bills from ads and magazines.

Source: Lifehack

#3 Install a Memo Board

Dry erase boards are a life saver if you need to write down your schedule or leave reminders. Post-it notes and other pieces of paper will soon clutter your entire desk area and most probably you will miss an important deadline because you will not find the specific reminder among the others.


Source: HGTV

#4 Keep Cables Organized with Binder Clips

On the average, you use at least three cables around your work desk: the power and internet cables for the computer and the charging cable for your mobile phone. It is easy to get them tangled up and create clutter (and even trip on them). This simple and clever system of binder clips attached to the edge of the desk will solve the problem:


Source: CuteDIYProjects

#5 Use a Cork Board for Clippings

One way of not forgetting about bills to pay, information to check, etc., is to keep those papers always within sight. But they will soon take over all your document trays and desk area. What is the solution? A cork board – a simple cork board to use for pinning these piece of papers on it.


Source: OneCrazyHouse

#6 Keep Your Home Office Contained

If you simply cannot keep clutter under control, one way to discipline yourself is to create your home office in a restricted space, such as a repurposed cupboard from which you remove unnecessary shelves. In this confined space, you can only keep the bare necessities for doing your work. Problem solved!


Source: RealSimple

#7 Organize Office Supplies in Mason Jars

Mason jars are a perfect replacement for desk organizers. You can buy as many as you need, organize them in ergonomic clusters and keep your pens, paper clips and other office supplies neatly arranged and always close at hand.


Source: Lifehack

#8 File Everything

Filing systems are the only tested and proven method for storing various items (documents, magazines, newspapers) and having them safely out of the way but easily reachable when necessary. Discipline yourself to file every kind of paper which you intend to keep, even newspaper clippings.


Source: HGTV

#9 Use Drawers Judiciously

Small trays neatly arranged in your drawers and designated to hold only a specific type of items will help you get rid of the clutter of pencils, pens, highlighters and other such. Plus, after you have gone through the trouble to arrange all those trays, you will think twice before you misplace an item.


Source: CuteDIYProjects

#10 Convert a Chest into a Filing Cabinet

No idea where to archive folders and binders? Take an old chest and use it as your personal filing cabinet. To justify the space taken, place your printer or another piece of equipment you use daily on it.


Source: OneCrazyHouse

Now, that we have reached the end of our suggestions, you can see that it is quite simple to start decluttering the home office and continue to keep it neat and well organized. Good luck!


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