There is a special room in every house – our safe retreat from the world: the bedroom. Everyone should have a clean and pleasant looking bedroom in order to enjoy a peaceful and relaxing sleep. But day by day we manage to create clutter with various items which we have no idea where to put away or feel too tired to do so. However, living in a cluttered bedroom will soon have a negative impact on you, starting with increased levels of stress and even ending with inadequate sleep. Even if it is a small one, there are ways for decluttering your bedroom and keeping it tidy. Here are a few helpful tips:

#1 Always Make Your Bed

Beyond the fact that it looks much neater, after you made your bed you will think twice before placing a purse, coat or other items on it. An unmade bed is an open invitation to add to the clutter, so stop giving yourself reasons to do so.


Source: HGTV

#2 Incorporate the Bed In a Shelf System

The two vertical towers on each side of the bed serve as bedside table, but can hold many other items. The open shelf above the bed is very useful if you are in the habit of reading before going to sleep. You can keep a small selection of books without cluttering the rest of the room.


Source: Onecrazyhouse

#3 Rethink the Bedside Table

For many people, the space offered by the bedside table represents an irresistible temptation to pile up various items which they may or may not need on a daily basis. Remove the classic bedside table and replace it with wall mounted cubicles and shelves which are easy to reach from the bed. The restricted space (and the fact that anyone can see the items as soon as they enter the room) will help you refrain from cluttering them.


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#4 Create a Purse Holder

Purses are a must have accessory for any stylish woman. And over time we accumulate so many of them that we cannot part with. To keep them stored away and without being bent out of shape, a simple rack is quite sufficient.


Source: Theidearoom

#5 Keep Lingerie Neatly Folded

A honeycomb style drawer with partitions is the ideal way to keep your lingerie in an orderly manner, and not overflowing from your wardrobe shelves. Tiny garments, such as socks, ties and lingerie are among the worst offenders in terms of cluttering the bedroom.


Source: GoodHousekeeping

#6 Always Have a Laundry Hamper Ready

A large piece of fabric and a piece of wire bent in a circle with a hook at the end is all you need to create a practical laundry hamper which can be hung against the door and always within reach. Now there is no excuse for leaving dirty laundry in a corner or on the floor.


Source: Martha Stewart

#7 Organize Your Jewelry

Earrings, pendants, bracelets…they are all important for women, but so easy to scatter about, lose or keep in a messy pile. This simple and elegant solution – a painting frame with hooks – helps you keep your jewelry neatly organized and represents a wonderful decoration for your bedroom, as well.


Source: HGTV

#8 Create a DIY Platform Bed

Why a platform bed? Simply because you get a lot of generous storage space for out of season clothes, books, children’s toys and any other items which would otherwise be left all around the bedroom.


Source: Onecrazyhouse

#9 The Chair Is Not a Closet

Perhaps you should print that and place it in your bedroom for a while until you discipline yourself to stop putting clothes on chairs. It is one of the most frequent habits which help create clutter in the bedroom.


Source: GoodHousekeeping

#10 Be Smart in Choosing Your Furniture

A solid and heavy wardrobe is not the best solution for a small bedroom. Instead, opt for open shelves and rods which help you keep your clothes neatly folded and easy to reach in the morning as you get dressed.

Source: Martha Stewart

Now, that we have reached the end of our ideas for decluttering the bedroom, do you see how simple and easy it is to keep it neat and welcoming? Good luck with your decluttering work!

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