Whitewashed walls give the impression of large, airy spaces, so many people choose white color for their whole house. But a room with white walls all around looks rather bland and depersonalized, doesn’t it? What is the solution? Applying some decorations, of course! So, we’ve done our research and decided to come up with 10 ideas to decorate white walls which can satisfy all tastes and personalities.

#1 Butterflies

Everyone loves the graceful and colorful butterflies. So, why wouldn’t you bring them in your room to create a beautiful decoration for your walls? You can either buy ready made butterfly decorations or craft them by yourself and then apply them on the wall in any pattern you wish.

butterflies on walls

Image source: Architecturendesign

#2 Effective Way to Decorate White Walls: Brightly Colored Painting

Just one painting in bright and lively colors can change the entire look of your room and your walls will no longer look bland and boring.

colorful painting

Image source: HGTV

#3 Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

A white wall will suddenly come alive with strategically placed mirrors on it. Besides multiplying the light, mirrors throw reflections and color patterns on the other wall. Plus, you can always admire your fresh, well rested look in the morning.

wall with mirors

Image source: Rent

#4 Decorations in Black and White

Contrasts are always welcome in any room. Black and white photos make great and artsy decorations for your white walls. Create a collage either with your family photos, or professional portraits of your favorite artists and your room will have its own personality.

black and white wall

Image source: Homedit

#5 Living Frames

This beautiful DIY project will brighten up your white wall and bring nature closer to you. These simple glasses with flowers attached to picture frames would look great in any room, wouldn’t they?

flower wall frames

Image source: Architecturendesign

#6 Hats Off

Old hats deserve a dignified demise as decorations for your walls. You can arrange them in any pattern you like and even paint them in various colors or patterns for added effect.

hats on walls

Image source: HGTV

#7 Wall Stickers

Wall stickers are cheap, easy to install and help you express your personality and creativity without a lot of effort. A simple, monochrome design is sufficient to change the entire look of your room. We really love these tree branches and birds design.

wall stickers

Image source: Roombowl

#8 Floating Shelves

These simple wooden shelves are both useful to save space and keep your books and decorations organized and serve as a decoration for whitewashed walls. For an extra effect, paint the shelves in contrasting colors and arrange them in a good chromatic combination.


Image source: Rent

#9 Geometric Shapes

You can use your talent and create any geometric shape of various discarded items, such as wire, wood, pipes, or cardboard. Paint them, add other decorations you prefer (such as sequins or glitter) and stick them or hang them on the wall.


Image source: Homedit

#10 Shoe Boxes

Old shoe boxes can become lovely wall decorations on your walls. You can spray paint them and then use them as shelves for various decorations. In this way you add color to your room without having to change the wall color and lose that airy and spacious feel.

shoe box art

Image source: Buzzfeed

Here you are, you’ve discovered ten creative ways to decorate white walls and add more color to your room. Which one is your favorite decorating idea?


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