The evolution of home decor is evolving in cycles. Right now, the bohemian style is back in trends. What is bohemian, after all? This style first appeared in Europe at the beginning of the 20th century among young French artists. This style is a reflection of the carefree and frugal lifestyle of writers, painters and sculptors waiting for recognition and, during the ’60s it was rediscovered and embraced as a sign of protest against the rules of the capitalist society. The bohemian style is extremely eclectic and colorful, defined by salvaged and refurbished pieces of furniture creating a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. The key elements of decor are of Oriental and ethnic inspiration and there is an abundance of crafted and handmade decorations and accessories. We have been looking around for the best examples of this rediscovered style and found no less than 10 small bohemian living rooms we are sure you’d love to replicate in your home.

#1 Aztec Influences

Mexico proudly shares its rich history with the world, and the strongest cultural influence we can still see today is that of the Aztec civilization. This culture is rich in myths, religious rituals, and bright colors. The surprising mix of geometric patterns with indigenous motifs creates a beautiful style for carpets, blankets, decorative masks and even clothes. This small living room is cleverly decorated following the color scheme of the large ritual mask on the wall, which represents the main visual focus of the room.

bohemian 2

Source: Rilane

#2 A Relaxing Corner

The source of inspiration for this small and welcoming living room is the traditions of North American first nations. The large dream catcher above the rocking chair is meant to remove negative energies and create an oasis of peaceful thoughts and serenity. This atmosphere is also created by the muted, pastel color palette of the wall paint and furniture.

bohemian 4

Source: Decoholic

#3 Simplicity and Comfort

Bohemian style does not have to be overly crowded and colorful, if you do not like it. This small living room stands proof: the dominant colors are earthy brown and white, but there is something definitely relaxed and unconventional in the large pillows placed on the floor and the less-than-brand-new look of the sofa. The guitars in the corner make us think that a future successful rock band is writing their first songs.

bohemian 6

Source: ApartmentTherapy

#4 Memories of India

This richly decorated living room looks like a maharajah’s retreat. The Indian touch is everywhere: the furniture, the patterns and the colors. Although everything in this room is an eye catcher, the key elements in this small bohemian paradise are the manually carved coffee table and the chrome incense burner.

bohemian 7

Source: DigsDigs

#5 Mix and Mismatch

Just like we said at the beginning, the bohemian style is defined by repurposed and salvaged pieces of furniture, among others. This means that you’ll have mismatched chairs, sofas, cupboards and so on. But that is perfectly alright. Just look at this cozy lunch table with four different types of armchairs which truly look like they belong there.

bohemian 1

Source: Brit

#6 The New Bohemian

Styles are resurfacing with some changes, and this is true for the bohemian style as well. This living room proves that a modern coffee table makes a perfect fit for the bohemian decor of the rest of the room. So, if your brand new ergonomic office chair has just arrived, do not have second thoughts about placing it in your favorite spot in front of the TV set.

bohemian 9

Source: Rilane

#7 A Green Corner

This family’s love for nature is translated into the bohemian version of a botanical garden. They have brought all their favorite apartment plants in the living room and created this small oasis of rest and relaxation.

bohemian 3

Source: Decoholic

#8 A Quiet Reading Corner

The hanging chair with comfortable cushions is the perfect spot to curl up and get lost in a book. It makes sense to create this bohemian corner right next to the book case and have a place where you can shut out the world outside and enjoy the quiet enjoyment of a good novel. Even the dog seems to approve the cozy and relaxed style of this living room!

bohemian 5

Source: ApartmentTherapy

#9 Fun Under the Magical Canopy

Who said that canopies are reserved for the bedroom? You can always create a beautiful canopy above your sofa, add some fairy lights and invite your friends over for a long evening of talking, playing board games and having fun. All in the best bohemian style.

bohemian 8

Source: DigsDigs

#10 Camping Inside

Do you miss the summer days when you went out camping with your friends? You can also go camping in your living room. Thick carpets and an abundance of cushions will create a cozy and comfortable nook for you to sit down and watch a movie or tell stories.

bohemian 10

Source: Brit

And we have finished our list of small bohemian living rooms. Which one is your favorite? And if you have already embraced this style, please feel free to share photos of your own living rooms with us.

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