Welcoming a new baby in the family is one of the most fulfilling moments in anyone’s life. Creating and nurturing a new life is the ultimate purpose for every human being and the joys of parenthood are beyond any comparison to anything else. However, some families have to struggle to create a nursery in their already small and cramped home. Since everyone wants to offer their child the best of everything, this struggle is real. For this reason, we wish to give you a helping hand and show you a few ingenious and adorable baby storage ideas to help you fit in your little one’s nursery even in a tiny room.

#1 The Hanging Crib

This crib model is not only space saving, but also adorable. It can be used at any moment as a swing to help your child calm down from a crying fit and settle to sleep. Its rustic design fits in any room and it can be easily installed in your own master bedroom, at least during the first few months of the baby’s life.

baby storage 10

Source: Brit

#2 Storage Pouches by the Crib

The bare necessities for your baby, such as wet wipes, a dummy, a few diapers for a quick change or the feeding bottle should always be close at hand. For this reason we truly applaud the ingenious mom who came up with the idea to install these textile pouches at the end of the crib. This installation takes literally no place that could be otherwise used and it helps you solve any of your baby’s immediate needs with alacrity.

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#3 Pick Baby Furniture Adapted to the Room Size

There is no joy in getting a large, sumptuously decorated crib if it barely fits through the door. Plus, by the time your child is old enough to notice and admire it, he or she will not use it anymore. Instead, go for a crib model which takes up as little space in the room as possible. This round model is both classic in design and efficient in the usage of space. It is also great for preventing injuries when your little one is strong enough to start climbing it.

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#4 Foldable Changing Table

Changing your baby’s diaper is a big challenge. You need to find a flat surface, which is wide enough to seat your baby comfortably and have the supplies at hand. For this reason, changing tables are quite bulky and can take a lot of space. Instead of trying to squeeze a standard model in your baby’s tiny nursery, look for a fold-out changing table, like this one:

baby storage 4

Source: Buzzfeed

#5 Turn the Garage Into Nursery

When you really have no other option as all the other rooms are occupied, you will have to evict your car out in the back yard and remodel the garage into a nursery. Garages are sufficiently large to allow the room to belong to the child on a long term basis as he or she grows up, by replacing nursery furniture with a regular bed, book shelves and a desk for homework.

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#6 Repurpose the Dressing

Many houses are built with niches to fit a wardrobe or dressing. This place is the perfect spot to integrate a system of drawers with a changing table and all the baby supplies you need. The drawers can hold all the baby’s clothes and toys, saving you a lot of space in the rest of the room.

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#7 Baby Shoes Storage

Baby shoes are things of wonder: so delicate and beautiful, they feel like they would crumple in a second if they are handled too roughly. To put them away safely and in a space saving manner, you should buy a simple curtain rod with clippers and install it in a wardrobe. Now your baby’s shoes are safe, out of the way and ready to be used at any moment.

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Source: ProjectNursery

#8 Transparent Storage Crate

These plastic crates are very useful for all sorts of storage shelves and they are a real life saver if you live in a small house. Their number one advantage is the large storage space they offer for a relative shallow depth. You can pack a lot of baby supplies in one of these transparent crates and then store it under your bed.

baby storage 3

Source: Buzzfeed

#9 Crib with Storage Space

The next best thing after crates is finding a crib with a built-in drawer for storing the baby’s diapers, clothes, wet wipes, etc. In general, if you live in a small house, you should always look for double duty furniture, which serves more than one purpose.

baby storage 9

Source: DiyHomeLife

#10 Crib and Changing Table

Elegant, useful and space saving, this crib with a changing table and attached drawers will certainly fit in the room you have in mind for your baby’s nursery, no matter how small it is.

baby storage 7

Source: Buzzfeed

As we have reached the end of our recommendations for baby storage ideas, we have only one final thought to share: babies do not need large and expensive pieces of furniture in their nursery, but mostly love. All you need to make sure is that the crib and changing table you pick are safe, solid, of good quality and comfortable for the baby.

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