One of the key aspects plaguing small apartments are too many separating walls, creating tiny rooms, blocking the flow of sunlight and making the entire space look really cramped. This is why more and more small house owners decide to do some remodeling work and remove unnecessary walls and doors. And the most frequently targeted area is the kitchen. Open kitchen layouts are now fashionable even for large condos and villas. This style, inspired from Mediterranean architecture, is very convenient for families who spend little time together, so every minute is precious, even during the preparation of meals. We did some research and identified 10 smart and space saving small open kitchen ideas from which you can find inspiration.

#1 Minimalist Chic

The abundance of white surfaces broken by colorful kitchen utensils and dishes gives this tiny open kitchen a youthful and funny vibe. It is the ideal choice for long and narrow spaces, for instance in the continuation of a hallway.

kitchen 1

Source: ElleDecor

#2 U-Shaped Open Kitchen

The design of the side cooking table and seating area is carefully planned to create the impression of a spacious kitchen in a very compact space. It offers sufficient space in an ergonomic arrangement of the cutting board, sink and cooking oven, while the seating area is arranged on the outer side of the island to prevent crowding.

kitchen 4

Source: BHG

#3 Urban Glam

Wall mounted kitchen cabinets with integrated appliances and a polished top in contrasting faux marble define this compact and elegant looking open kitchen. The key to creating a useful kitchen in such a small space is the abundance of storage areas (note the numerous drawers) and a clever integration of the key appliances (cooking oven, microwave oven) in the furniture.

kitchen 6

Source: HouseBeautiful

#4 A Tight Niche

Removing the wall of the mudroom right next to the entryway helped this family create a functional open kitchen extending naturally to the dining area in the living room. A clever system of open shelves installed on the wall as high as it is reachable by hand holds all the dishes and kitchen utensils, while the fridge is placed flush into a corner.

kitchen 8

Source: Homedit

#5 A Clever Corner

Corners are great places to arrange functional areas in small houses. This kitchen/ dining room occupies just one small room, but the smart arrangement of the island, appliances and high floating shelves allow the placement of a table large enough to accommodate the entire family.

kitchen 10

Source: HGTV

#6 Scandinavian Elegance

Northern Europe did not give us only the vikings, but also a specific minimalist and functional style of furnishing the house. This open kitchen is the epitome of elegant simplicity, with clear-cut geometric shapes and not one single element of design which is not necessary.

kitchen 2

Source: ElleDecor

#7 Kitchen Arranged in the Connecting Hallway

Some houses and apartments have an awkward architecture and the owners must become very creative in assigning various functions to all the areas. In this case, a connecting hallway was turned into an open kitchen on one side, and a dining area on the other.

kitchen 3

Source: BHG

#8 Along a Separating Wall

This tiny studio has no assigned area for a kitchen. However, the owner managed to create a functional area along the separating wall between the entryway and the main living area. This small open kitchen features a very judicious use of the available space, including using the oven cover as cutting board for meat and vegetables.

kitchen 5

Source: HouseBeautiful

#9 Open Bar Style

This open kitchen imitates a bar, with high chairs and a long and tall island which serves both as eating table and cooking area. The visual impact of the island is that of a definite separator between the kitchen area and the living room.

kitchen 7

Source: Homedit

#10 Open Kitchen In the Stairs Landing Area

This small house has an awkwardly placed stairway connecting the ground floor with the basement and the upper floor. Instead of despairing, this family decided to make the best they could with the available space, and created an open kitchen precisely in the landing area of the stairway coming from the basement. This means that they can arrange the pantry in the basement and free up other spaces in the house to use for other purposes.

kitchen 9

Source: HGTV

Hopefully, these small open kitchen ideas are helpful and will inspire you to find the right way to arrange a functional and ergonomic kitchen in your tiny home.

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