The sanctuary of delicious home cooked meals should be pristine and welcoming for the chef. When you step inside it, ready to prepare another yummy dish for your family, you should find all your ingredients and utensils easily, have lots of space to move about while you work on the recipe. Sadly, most kitchens do not look like this, but full of clutter and not very well organized. You have to go through endless expeditions to retrieve the ground pepper or the cleaver and this is how you lose a lot of time (and patience). Therefore, today we will show you 10 simple tips and tricks for decluttering your kitchen once and for all.

#1 Create Custom Vertical Shelves

An old wooden pallet and a little elbow grease will help create a smart and useful system of vertical shelves where you can keep various spices and kitchen utensils neatly organized and handy. Place this system of shelves above the area where you usually portion the meat and mix the ingredients for your dishes and you will save the effort of walking around the kitchen to get these things.


Source: GoodHousekeeping

#2 Place Cutting Boards On the Inside of Cabinet Doors

A little DIY word with a few pieces of metal or sturdy plastic bands and you will have an extra storage space for your cutting boards inside the kitchen cabinet.


Source: HouseBeautiful

#3 Install Wire Baskets on the Pantry Door

The generous space offered by the pantry door is an open invitation to install small wire baskets, like the ones where postcards are displayed in stores. All your spices and other small items can find a safe and out of the way storage space, away from your kitchen table and cooking island.


Source: RealSimple

#4 Install T-Molding as Stemware Holders

T-molding pieces are used for wooden floor transitions, but they are also excellent as holders for wine and cocktail glasses. Your kitchen will be better organized and it will start looking like a real bar.


Source: Reader’s Digest

#5 Organize the Fridge with Small Bins

Yes, the fridge can get as cluttered as your kitchen and it is just as annoying hunting for a specific ingredient inside it. This problem is solved by using various plastic bins with lids and applying labels on them to find the respective ingredient quickly.


Source: Buzzfeed

#6 Clear Your Cooking Island

A series of wire baskets hanging on the wall just above the island will help you keep the ingredients you need on a daily basis always handy, without cluttering the table.


Source: GoodHousekeeping

#7 Hang Cooking Utensils Exactly Where You Need Them

Most utensils are provided with a hook or hole at the end, to keep them suspended on a pegboard or in any other way. Take advantage of this useful feature and create a rack for them, instead of leaving them to clutter your kitchen table.


Source: HouseBeautiful

#8 The Rolling Cart – Star of the Kitchen

We have shown various uses for a rolling cart, but this is actually its primary use in restaurant kitchens. It is the best way to organize several utensils (especially larger ones) and keep them away when you do not need them.


Source: RealSimple

#9 Angled Shelves for Spices

Everyone loves spices and I am sure that you have lots and lots of them. Sometimes you lose track of them, buy new ones and realize that you have too many of the same kind. This will not be the case anymore after you create this simple system of angled shelves in a drawer, where all your spices will be clearly displayed and easy to find.


Source: Reader’s Digest

#10  Use Narrow Plastic Baskets for Your Cutlery

So many spoons, forks, knives…and they get so easily lost around the kitchen and end up cluttering the table. With these cheap plastic bins, you will have all your cutlery neatly organized and ready to pick when you arrange the table for dinner.


Source: Buzzfeed

Believe us that once you have applied at least a few of these ideas for decluttering your kitchen, it will be a real pleasure to walk in it and start cooking dinner for your family.

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