Tin cans…they are a part of our everyday life. Various grocery items are stored in them and we accumulate them in a large quantity in a short time. One weekly shopping supply from your local supermarket guarantees that you are coming back with at least 3-4 tins. Once their contents are used up, you simply throw the empty ton can away. Don’t! Put it aside and start reading this article instead. We will show you a series of tin can storage solutions which will help you organize various items around the house and put those empty cans to good use.

#1 Flower Pots

If you love having pots of flowers around the house, but are running out of pots, you can replace them with empty tin cans. Clean them, paint them with a corrosion resistant lacquer and pierce a few holes in their bottom to allow extra water to drain, and they are ready to be filled with compost in preparation for planting your seedlings.

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Source: Awesomejelly

#2 Romantic Dinner Centerpieces

What is more romantic that a candlelit dinner with flowers on the table? You could invest your money in a fancy centerpiece, or you could design and create your own from empty tin cans. A little paint job, a few decorations, a bit of glue and your artwork will certainly win your spouse’s approval!

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Source: Sewlicioushomedecor

#3 Clever Tin Can Storage: Towel Holder

Imagine this scene: you are relaxing in a scented bath, and just about ready to get out. But the towel is placed on the hanger on the door or on a wall, just out of your reach. Those few steps, dripping wet and getting cold, are sufficient to ruin your bath experience. What if all you had to do is reach up above you and grab a towel from a tubular storage rack made of repurposed tin cans? That would definitely make all the difference!

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#4 Pincushion

Are you tired of looking for your lost sewing needles? Or, worse, have you accidentally sat on one? No more accidents, no more wasted time – just make your own pincushion. You will need an empty tin can, a wad of cotton, a piece of cloth and a little glue. Place the cotton in the can, cover it with the cloth and glue the edges of the cloth to the tin can. Your pincushion is now ready!

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Source: Awesomejelly

#5 Keep Your Scarves Organized

This little project will be a lot of fun and the end result will certainly make you proud of your DIY skills. This is just a suggestion, but you can use your creativity to create other surprising shapes and storage solutions for your scarves. Let your imagination run free and give your best shot!

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Source: HGTV

#6 Old Muffin Tins Get a New Life

Remember those old tin cans for muffins? You really don’t know what to do with them, since they are clustered together. What if what you perceive as a problem turns out to be a solution? Just look how well organized your office supplies are in the muffin tin can! Now you will never have to make a mess on your desk looking for a paper clip or staple remover.

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Source: Diyncrafts

#7 Mix and Match Your Tea Bags

Some people have around 6 or 7 different types of teas at home. And they do not have a clue how to keep them well organized and always handy. Just look at that empty biscuits tin can! Cut out a few cardboard separators, and you will have a nice organizer for all your tea bags!

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Source: Diyncrafts

#8 Desk Supplies Organizer

Those plastic tubular organizers you can buy in any stationery shop can be easily replicated using a flat surface and a few tin cans. Cleaned, polished and painted, the tin cans will look even better than a generic desk supplies organizer. Plus, you can create various combinations to suit your needs and even add more elements to a basic model.

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Source: Decorhomeideasbest

#9 Bread Stick Holder

Every snacks tables must have some bread sticks. Salty, cheese or bacon flavored, they are everyone’s favorite and go well with a football match and a can of beer. Instead of spending money on various plastic or porcelain holders, you can take empty tin cans, clean and sanitize them properly, add a few fancy decorations and turn them into one of a kind home-made bread stick holders.

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Source: Sewlicioushomedecor

#10 Children’s Colored Crayons Organizer

Drawing is one of the most widespread hobby of all children worldwide. And putting away colored crayons is one of the most tedious chores all mothers have to do once the little Picasso has finished their artworks. Your chore would be simpler if you provided your child with a fun and great looking crayons organizer. Take a few empty cans, make sure they have no sharp edges, label them, and then stick them on a magnetic board. Now you can be sure that your little one will be more willing to help you put the crayons away.

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As you can see, tin cans are very useful even after their original contents are gone. Do not throw all of them away, instead find inspiration in these tin can storage ideas and use them to organize small items around the house. In this way, you will spend less money on various storage jars and bins and you will have original and great looking storage solutions to wow your family and friends.

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