People who live in a small apartments usually have to make do with small budgets, as well. This poses a double challenge for them: not only they have to find affordable furniture and decorations, they also have to measure every item judiciously in order to make sure that they fit in their tiny home. Most of the time, the decorations are either scarce, or not fitting the room size and making it look rather cluttered. We know how tricky it is to get your decorations right, so we have decided to look around and pick a few helpful ideas of cheap decor for small spaces.

#1 Wall Decals

If you want to spice up your walls with artwork, you may realize that they make the room look cluttered. Plus, good quality paintings and artistic photographs are quite expensive. As a cheap alternative, you could opt for wall decals. These are self stickers in various shapes and colors and you can choose between smaller ones, creating a pattern, or a a large statement decal to cover the largest part of the wall.


Source: Housely

#2 Handmade Pillows

Burlap from repurposed sacks has become a trendy decorative material. It is used on everything from upholstery to decorative pillows. Instead of spending a lot of money in fashionable home decor stores, you can make your own. All you need is cotton filling and some nicely preserved sacks (preferably with printed words on them).


Source: Popsugar

#3 Make Your Own Decorations

Crafty decorations made by you and your family in weekend projects are the best. You know exactly how much available space you have and you can express your own creativity. Later, when you invite friends over, they will marvel at the original decorative pieces around your house and assume you got them from an arts and crafts boutique.


Source: Inovatics

#4 Do It With Mirrors

There is a lot to be said about the role of mirrors in small spaces. They are a great aid in tricking the eye into believing that the room is larger, they reflect and multiply the natural light and, when they are set in a beautiful frame, they can represent decorative items, just like a painting or a photograph.


Source: RealSimple

#5 Hang a Statement Ceiling Lamp

One of the best ways to decorate a small room in a functional manner is to pick a ceiling lamp with a spectacular design. Whether you prefer classic or modern design, a large and crafty looking lamp will provide your room with light and a point of visual interest as well.


Source: Brit

#6 Indoor Plants

Nature gives us the most beautiful decorations: plants and flowers have the power to create a cheerful atmosphere in any room. If you also look for beautiful pots for them, your indoor plants will become the most beautiful decorations for your small apartment.


Source: GoodHouseKeeping

#7 Create an Accent Wall

Decorating a small room can be as simple as painting a single wall in a different, bold color. Place spot lights in strategic areas to light up the wall and add a single piece of decoration (such as a framed photo or painting). The room now looks chic and pleasant to sit in, without appearing cluttered.


Source: Housely

#8 Go For a Bold Wallpaper

This large portrait wallpaper is not expensive, but it looks every bit as artistic as a painting. And it helps you decorate a small room without cluttering it at all. Scenic wallpapers are also making a big comeback (they used to be extremely popular in the ’80s and early ’90s).


Source: Popsugar

#9 Upcycle Pieces of Furniture

A lawn chair which you have no use for can be transformed into an original and decorative bedside table. An old wooden stair can be a beautiful coat hanger. And old pallets can be repurposed into beautiful floating shelves or other double-duty pieces of furniture.


Source: RealSimple

#10 Opt for Colored Light Bulbs

Soft colored light bulbs, in light pink, blue or green can add a touch of romance and beauty to a simple bedside lamp and bathe the entire room into a beautiful sheen which will transform it into a magic place.


Source: GoodHouseKeeping

This is the end of our list of recommendations. As you can see, it is not very difficult to create cheap decor for small spaces. You need patience in looking for the right item and a pinch of imagination and DIY skills.

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