As winter sets in, everyone starts putting away small shoes and sneakers and bringing out their boots. Boots are warm and comfortable, but they also take up a lot of space. Whether mid-calf or knee-high, boots need special places for storage so that they do not bend out of shape. And as rain and drizzle turn street corners and parks into muddy patches, we need to become creative if we do not want to carry mud all over the house. So, here are 10 simple and space saving boot storage ideas to help you keep your boots organized and your house clean.

#1 The Pebble Tray

This is a very simple and useful way to allow muddy boots to dry out without making a pool of dirty water in your hallway. It is a great way to keep them organized, within the confines of the tray and out of everyone’s way. All you have to do is wash the pebbles clean every few days.


Image source: Topinspirations

#2 Creative Boot Storage Ideas from Shops: the Boot Holder with Hooks

These boots look neatly arranged and out of the way in the small space in the closet. The special holders make sure that they stay in shape and the hooks at the end help you arrange them on a rod by pairs, in complete order.


Image source: Houzz

#3 Keep Your Boots on Coat Racks

If it looks silly but it works, then it is not silly. If your boots fit nicely on an extra coat rack, then it is a great and space saving idea and you should not let anyone tell you otherwise.


Image source: Apartmenttherapy

#4 Old Crates

Old wine or whiskey crates make rustic boot shelves. You can take your conversion work a little further and add swivel wheels to them, allowing you to move the crates away from the hallway when you no longer need them.


Image source: Apartmenttherapy

#5 Flip Up Bench

This is both practical and space saving. You get a seating place to pull on and off your boots and a storage place for them. The flip up bench is a must have for small hallways, where there is simply no extra space for storing footwear.


Image source: Bobvila

#6 Simple and Effective: Empty Wine Bottles

We used wine crates, now let’s go one step further and use the empty wine bottles to keep high boots standing up, without creases and cracks. Adequate for patent leather and suede boots, this simple solution will give your boots shape and help you store them standing up in tight corners.


Image source: Prettydesigns

#7 Door Racks

These space saving boot racks can be installed on a door (for example a pantry or wardrobe door) and hold all your family’s boots without cluttering the hallway. This is a very simple solution if you really do not have other places to keep your boots.


Image source: Prettydesigns

#8 The Narrow Cabinet

Narrow and high spaces are the ideal place to install a boot cabinet. You do not need a lot of width, but you do need height to keep your boots correctly stored. This cabinet installed in the corner of a room is a perfect example of using up every available inch of space.


Image source: Houzz

#9 Floor Racks

These boot racks are minimalistic in design, do not take up a lot of space and keep all your boots very well organized. As an extra tip, you can add a boot last to keep your boots in perfect shape.


Image source: Prettydesigns

#10 Horizontal Racks

Do you like those toe spacers your pedicurist uses when filing and painting your nails? The same principle is used by these horizontal racks for boots. This is a very simple and space saving solution for keeping your boots out of the way and neatly organized – very easy to manufacture and install with a little DIY work.


Image source: Bobvila

Hopefully these boot storage ideas will give you inspiration to organize your winter footwear without cluttering your entry hallway and bringing mud into your home!

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