Imagine cooking your favorite dishes: you have all your appliances handy, you work fast and efficiently and you have enough space to move between the kitchen counter and the oven. This dream seems to shatter when you are looking at your small kitchen and the actual available space. There is barely enough space for you to do your basic cooking, let alone for all the kitchen appliances which would make your life so much easier. However, with a little creativity and some DIY skills, you will be able to create storage space for the usual appliances any chef needs in the kitchen. Let’s go ahead and discover ten great kitchen appliance storage ideas:

#1 Pull-Out Drawer

This ingenious looking drawer is ideal for tight corner where you have just enough space to squeeze in a small appliance. By making use of the vertical space and the depth of the cupboard you can arrange all your appliances on the shelves without sacrificing any of the valuable storage space in your small kitchen.

appliance 11

Source: Houzz

#2 Cubby Storage

With geometrical rigor, this system of vertical and horizontal shelves creates perfect square spaces, just enough to fit one appliance in each. Perfect for any recess or niche where you cannot fit a cupboard or other large piece of furniture.

appliance 8

Source: Aytigo

#3 DIY Wire Shelves

This regular under the counter cabinet got a creative upgrade: a simple pull out drawer was carefully modified to create sufficient storage space for several kitchen appliances. A little DIY work is all it takes to install wooden dividers and wire sides.

appliance 7

Source: JustOutOfHome

#4 Above the Fridge Niche

Most kitchens have a tall and narrow niche for the fridge. Usually, a space is always left above the fridge, which you do not really know what to do with. Here’s a simple and space saving idea: install a shelf with a pull-up door to place your most frequently used kitchen appliances.

appliance 12

Source: CuteDIYProjects

#5 All-In-One Kitchen Storage Cupboard

This is a smart storage solution for small kitchen. Every horizontal and vertical surface is judiciously used by installing floating shelves and extra drawers and dividers. Once you are done with your food preparation work, just shut the doors and you have regained the space for moving about the kitchen.

appliance 5

Source: EraHomeDesign

#6 Kitchen Storage: The Scrabble  Edition

Old and mismatched Scrabble sets can be put to great use to remember placing your kitchen appliances back in their designated niche. This is extremely important when you created customized dividers for your appliances in a cupboard.

appliance 4

Source: Aytigo

#7 Another Great Use for Niches

This small niche is not very pleasant to look at. But it is very useful in a tiny kitchen and the owner cold not afford not putting it to good use. By installing custom made shelves and a roll down cover, this unsightly space becomes extremely useful to store the kitchen appliances.

appliance 2

Source: Resources

#8 Creative Shelves

This under the sink cupboard poses a great challenge: if you want to add storage shelves, you must be careful about not disturbing the water pipes. A creative DIY handyman managed to adapt shelves to a special shape which makes the most of the available space for storing kitchen appliances in this challenging space.

appliance 10

Source: Houzz

#9 A Cleverly Organized Corner

If you are not prepared to invest in custom made kitchen furniture, the simplest solution is to use the awkward corners in your kitchen to use for storing your appliances. Most kitchen furniture is built to fit around the corners of the kitchen so you can easily find the least usable area to use as storage space.

appliance 9

Source: Aytigo

#10 Hideaway Drawer

The toaster is probably hard to find in this kitchen if it is not pulled out of its drawer for use. The clever arrangement of the hidden drawer makes it almost impossible to notice, unless you know it is there.

appliance 1

Source: Resources

Now, that we have reached the end of our recommendations, we would like to leave you with a parting thought: if you really need to find space for kitchen appliance storage, your creativity will certainly help you identify it in your small kitchen. Good luck!


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