Spring is here and everyone enjoys the fresh air, warm weather and joyous renewal of nature around us. This is also the season when everyone is getting busy dusting off their house of the winter chill and gloom, priming it with a good scrub and preparing it for the bright sunny days. It is the time of the major bi-annual cleaning and we are here to help you with some much needed spring cleaning tips to get your house properly cleaned and make it look as good as new.

#1 Restock on Cleaning Supplies

Maybe you still have some left over window cleaning spray or general cleaning liquid, but most definitely they’ve gone stale or passed their expiration date. Cleaning supplies are usually the last items to remember restocking, so they end up lingering on shelves for months. There is no specific danger in using most of them (exceptions will have warnings on their labels), but they will be inefficient and you will be doing double the work to clean every surface properly.

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Source: Martha Stewart

#2 Make the Silverware Shine

Your prized cutlery is probably used only on festive occasions. You must have last taken it out for Christmas dinner. If you want it to continue to shine in all its glory, you need to give it a good cleaning with special silverware detergent. Do not go cheap on cleaning solutions, regular cutlery scrubs will leave unpleasant scratches on the silver.

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Source: HouseBeautiful

#3 Reach Up to the Overlooked Surfaces

The upper parts of the walls and the ceiling are rarely included in your regular cleaning routine. If you happen to live in an older house, with stucco decorations around the ceiling, these decorations are perfect places for dust to accumulate and cause allergies or asthma to all the inhabitants. Grab your feather duster or, even better, your vacuum cleaner, and pay proper attention to these generally overlooked surfaces.

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Source: BHG

#4 One of the Key Spring Cleaning Tips: Remember the Fridge

The fridge is essential to any home and we are sure that it was intensely used during the winter, storing cooked food and frozen meat and vegetables. Over the time, the fridge gets stained from various spills and keeps the odor of the food kept in it (especially fish and dairy products). Spring cleaning must include a general scrub down of the fridge, both inside and outside. A clean fridge will last longer, keeping food fresh and odor free.

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Source: HouseBeautiful

#5 Spruce Up Your Bed

The bed is yet another staple in every home, one where we spend a lot of time resting our body and mind. In order to enjoy a healthy sleep, your bed should be in good condition and perfectly clean. Two of the most dangerous invaders of any bed are dust and dust mites. These can cause allergies, worsen the condition of asthma sufferers and prevent you from getting to the healthy REM sleep. Spring cleaning should not include only replacing the sheets, but also a deep cleaning of the mattress, the upholstery and the space under the bed.

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Source: Martha Stewart

#6 Show Love to Your Oven

All the delicious dinners you have cooked for your family were possible thanks to your oven. It has boiled, steamed, grilled and roasted many sorts of meats and vegetables and it bears the stains to prove its hard work and dedication. It is now time to devote some time to clean up all the grease and stains and help your oven continue to serve you for more years to come. Make sure you use special cleaning substances for ovens – their formula is precisely engineered to remove all stains without damaging the surface of the oven.

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Source: GoodHouseKeeping

#7 Freshen Up the Curtains

Curtains and draperies are both decorative and useful to protect your privacy and keep away the glare of the sun. They are also your first line of defense against dust coming in your house through the windows. For this reason, you should remember to clean and replace them periodically. Spring cleaning is a perfect opportunity to do so.

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Source: BHG

#8 Put Away Toys and Other Items

It is not only about cleaning – spring cleaning also means de-cluttering your house. So buy a few storage crates from your local home improvement store and put away all the things which you are not using on a regular basis.

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Source: BHG

#9  Don’t Forget About Appliances

Hanging or standing lamps are a constant source of light for our homes during the evening. However, in time they will throw a dimmer light, due to dust gathering on the shades and bulbs. So make sure to include these appliances in your spring cleaning schedule.

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Source: GoodHouseKeeping

#10 Last but Not Least…The Windows

Window cleaning is a must. They get all the brunt of snow and rain during the cold season, so they need some tender loving care during the spring. For optimal results, choose a cloudy day. This is when you will be able to notice all traces and sports on the windows and remove them.

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Source: GoodHouseKeeping

And this should cover all of your house from roof to basement. Now that we have reached the end of our spring cleaning tips, all we can say is good luck in getting your house spic and span!

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