Today we will extend a helping hand to parents, once again. Most of our readers have already tried our previous suggestions, but now a new wave of clutter hits their homes. There are more toys, more books, more video games and simply not enough room to put all of them away. So we have done our research and identified another 10 useful and easy to DIY playroom storage ideas, which we will share with you today. Let us begin!

#1 Multi-Purpose Wall Shelves

One surface that not many people consider as storage space is the wall. There are so many things you can put up on the wall to create extra storage space. For example, these shelves look nice, can be painted in bright, happy colors. They can hold books, toys, even a roll of drawing paper for your little Picasso.

playroom storage 1

Image source: Amazinginteriordesign

#2 Stools with Storage Space

This product is one of the best space saving solution we have seen lately. These cute stools have a storage crate in the base. Ideal for your children’s parties, the colorful stools are perfect for preschoolers and even when your children outgrow them, the stools are still beautiful as decorative and storage items.

playroom storage 10

Image source: Allwomenstalk

#3 Repurpose Old Toolboxes

The best playroom storage ideas are the simple ones. For example, you must have a toolbox which you want to throw away. If it is not completely broken down, you should consider priming and painting it and then turning it into an under the bed storage box for your child’s toys.

playroom storage 4

Image source: Coupons

#4 A Little Decorative DIY Work

Everyone who has a daughter knows how fussy she can get over where her favorite dolls are kept. This is why you should get creative with a basic textile storage box and create a beautiful cluster of storage boxes like this one.

playroom storage 3

Image source: Coupons

#5 Children’s Activity Tables with Storage Space

An activity table can keep children busy and entertained for hours. But when the playtime is over, what do you do with all the toys, coloring books and crayons? If you buy an activity table with integrated storage bins, the problem is solved!

playroom storage 2

Image source: Amazinginteriordesign

#6 Magnetic Wall Bands

Your children’s toy cars will sit nicely parked on these magnetic bands installed on the walls. This is the simplest solution to keep them organized and avoid clutter all over the floor. Plus, your kids will certainly adore this storage idea and start tidying up their playroom without too much fuss.

playroom storage 8

Image source: Redtri

#7 Create a Playing Corner

Your children need their personal space. If you live in a house with deep bay windows, this is the ideal place to create a quiet reading and playing place for your child. Install as many shelves and slide-out drawers around the windows and put all your child’s favorite toys and books in them. Now everyone is happy and you will have a much less cluttered house.

playroom storage 7

Image source: Sandandsisal

#8 Creative Storage for Crayons

Colored crayons have a mind of their own it seems. They end up on the carpet, leaving marks on it, or right under your feet, stabbing you with the sharp end. These problems will be over once you install these simple and creative bins for them. They are nothing more than empty adhesive tape dispensers, nicely cleaned and fixed on the wall. A simple solution with a major impact!

playroom storage 6

Image source: Bobvila

#9 Swoop String Bag

This all purpose bags for storing various mismatched items is ideal for putting away your children’s Lego pieces, action figures and stuffed toys. Simple and easy to put away under the bed or to hang on a peg, this bag will help you put order in your child’s playroom.

playroom storage 9

Image source: Redtri

#10 Reuse Old Planter Baskets

The hanging baskets for potted plants can find a new use as toy storage, once you clean them thoroughly and give them a fresh coat of paint. Affix them against the walls and they become ideal storage baskets for stuffed toys.

playroom storage 5

Image source: Bobvila

And we’ve reached the end of our recommendations. We hope that these simple playroom storage ideas will help you keep your house neat and tidy and your children happy.

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