Time to spruce up the look of your apartment but the wallet says “no way”? A full house makeover can be truly expenses, in terms of thousands of dollars. However, smart home owners know that it takes a little change to make any room feel new and charming. It is all about changing the decor, the color palette or even the decorations in a room and you will notice a tremendous change in the entire look and feel of the room. Today we will show you some of the most effective things you need to know for a budget-friendly apartment renovation. Let us get started!

#1 Repaint Cabinets

That old cabinet needs replacement, but a new one is too expensive for your current finances. However, you can make any piece of furniture look brand new with a fresh coat of paint. Additionally, you can also replace the top with a shiny aluminum sheet and your friends will not believe that they are looking at the same cabinet you’ve had since forever.

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Source: ThisOldHouse

#2 Disco Fever

Those shiny stairs certainly look funky – and if you are a fan of the ’70s disco fever you most certainly want something like this in your house. Can you believe that this amazing makeover is a cheap DIY project using mirrored tiles? In the same manner, you can renew the look of your stairs with pieces of carpet or faux marble sheets.

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Source: HouseLogic

#3 Replace the Worn-Out Carpet with DIY Runners

Runners are very trendy right now, in line with the vintage style revival. You can either make them at home from old rags, or take the rags to any cleaners’ facility and they will make runners for you for a very affordable price.

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Source: CountryLiving

#4 Don’t Replace Hardwood Floor, Care For It

Does your hardwood floor look old and worn-out? Do you consider replacing it with faux marble or plywood tiles? Not so fast? It makes more sense to invest in a thorough sanding and polishing – the floor will look brand new and serve you for many, many years to come. Nothing replaces the warm and elegant look of natural wood – so don’t sacrifice it.

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Source: BHG

#5 Create an Accent Wall

Rearrange your furniture and decorations in such a way as to create  a wall focusing the visual attention by displaying your best pieces. Go ahead and paint this wall in a contrasting color, as well. It is a minimum investment with maximum effect: the room will look effectively brand new.

renovation 9

Source: StyleAtHome

#6 Apply Stripes on the Walls

Not ready for a complete repainting of the walls in your house? A few accent stripes in a complementary color will create the effect of a complete makeover. You can identify problem area (small cracks, discolorations) and include them in your renovation plan to cover up these small blemishes on your walls.

renovation 2

Source: ThisOldHouse

#7 Faux Molded Ceiling

Molded ceiling is classy and upper-class – and quite expensive to achieve by traditional methods. However, you can find molded ceiling tiles in various enchanting patterns to make your living room look like a mansion salon with a minimum investment.

renovation 4

Source: HouseLogic

#8 Bathroom Renovation? Just Change the Shower Curtain

Bathroom fixtures and appliances can be quite expensive for a full-scale renovation. But you still want to make some budget friendly changes…Here is a quick fix: a new shower curtain! With so many patterns and colors to pick from, you can make a tremendous change to the look of your bathroom.

renovation 5

Source: CountryLiving

#9 Remove an Interior Door

Interior doors are quite useless in small houses and they block the flow of natural light. This young family decided to get rid of the door between the dining room and the living room, round off the corner and create a modern new look for their apartment.

renovation 7

Source: BHG

#10 Apply Decals on the Walls

Last, but not least, the simplest and most affordable way of renovating your apartment walls is by applying decals in a smart pattern which takes into account problem areas (cracks, discolored patches). This is also a permitted manner of renovation if you live in a rental apartment where you cannot make permanent changes.

renovation 10

Source: StyleAtHome

As you can see, it is quite easy to make some changes in your home without breaking the piggy bank. Don’t forget to share with us your own budget-friendly apartment renovation ideas.

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