The holidays are not the same without your family and friends around. But can you really throw a Christmas or New Year party in your tiny apartment? There’s barely any room for you and you and your family. How can you bring so many people in, arrange a table to sit everyone and have some room for them to sit down and engage in conversations over drinks? It seems impossible, but so many people around the world prove that it can be done. We’ve looked around, seen how others managed it and now share with your ten helpful tips to host a holidays party in a small apartment.

#1 Customize a Table into a Bar Cart

Just add castor wheels to the legs of a table, as well as a second shelf , and your regular table has changed into a mobile bar cart which will prove extremely useful for any house party. Just move it around the rooms, as needed, and make space for people to sit down and enjoy each other’s company.


Source: ApartmentTheraphy

#2 Place Drinks Towards the End of the Room

Here’s a helpful idea to avoid crowding in the entry hallway: the bar cart we presented above should be placed at the back of the room, at least before dinner, when your guests have just arrived and want to warm up with a glass of punch or brandy.


Source: ElleDecor

#3 Put Every Piece of Furniture to Use

That retro linen cabinet in the hallway? It makes a great side table for arranging appetizers and snacks. The same goes for the cute coffee table in the living room, or your kitchen island. When space is small, you cannot get fussy about where you arrange food and drinks. It is important to spread it out so that your guests do not have to queue just to get one of your famous salmon sandwiches.


Source: MyDomaine

#4 Add Magic with Fairy Lights

Your guests will certainly forget how cramped your small apartment really is if you create the right atmosphere. One way to do that is to buy one extra string of fairy lights for your Christmas decorations and arrange it artfully above the dinner table.


Source: OffBeatHome

#5 Get Creative with Decorations

Decorations for a holiday party in a tiny home cannot be very elaborate. But it does not mean that you cannot create the holiday cheer with a few simple tricks, such as colored and scented candles placed in the middle of snack trays.


Source: Brownstoner

#6 Add Mood Lighting

You don’t feel that your home is nice enough to be scrutinized in detail? Then dim the ceiling lamp and create clusters of lit candles which will create an intimate setting for your holiday party and put into shade the details you wouldn’t want your guests to see.


Source: Thekitchn

#7 Use Tiered Plates to Arrange Food

Tiered plates are both decorative and useful to arrange lots of finger food without taking up too much space on the table. Try and arrange as much as the food on such tiered plates so that your guests do not run out of snacks.


Source: ElleDecor

#8 Forget About Conventional Seating

When there is no room to seat everyone at the table…have them sit on the floor. No really, not directly on the floor, but on comfortable pillows and pouf seats. This will set a cozy mood for your party and everyone will have a great time.


Source: MyDomaine

#9 Bring All the Tables Together

If you prefer to serve a formal dinner, where everyone needs to sit down, then take every table in the house, put it head to head and create a long table for everyone to sit together. They don’t have to match, and your guests certainly will not notice their different lengths and heights.


Source: OffBeatHome

#10 Go For an Open Buffet Menu

The simplest way to create a balance between seating area and the food area is to create an open bar style menu. Your guests will bring their plates to their seats, so you do not have to rearrange the furniture in the house for the party.


Source: Brownstoner

See? It is possible to host a holiday party in a small apartment. All you need to do is be patient and creative in creating the menu and seating arrangement and, of course, be a little selective when making the guest list.

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