Let us be honest: most of us think very little about how to decorate the hallway. The living room, the bedroom and the children’s room get all the attention, while the hallway is left just at the end, like an afterthought. It is true, we do not spend a lot of time on the hallway. But we pass through it every day. And this is the first part of our home new visitors get to see. Wouldn’t you like them to get the clear picture of a neat and lovingly decorated home? This being the case, here are 10 simple and effective ways to make the most of your hallway:

#1 Arrange Some Potted Flowers

Flowers beautify any space and make it feel more cheerful. If you love having apartment plants around you, then do not neglect the hallway. Depending on the amount of natural light you have available, you can find plants which thrive in little sunlight.

hallway 2

Source: IdealHome

#2 Embrace Symmetry

This classic wooden table framed by two floor lamps and with a tiny settee underneath it is the focal point of attention. Everyone will be drawn to the striking black/ white contrast and the perfect symmetry and balance of every item arranged on the hallway.

hallway 4

Source: RatedPeople

#3 Create a Picture Gallery

If you ever visited historic homes or seen them on TV, you may have noted that all hallways are lined with portraits of the family ancestors. This also happens in museums – they create thematic groups of paintings for each hallway. Whether you opt for framed family photos, or your children’s artwork, the hallway is a great place to exhibit them.

hallway 6

Source: HouseAndGarden

#4 Opt for Custom Made Mudroom Furniture

This family wanted to take advantage of the natural light and organized the mudroom on the wall adjacent to the windows. The custom made one-piece furniture fits the space perfectly and has a quiet elegance in its simple lines and natural color.

hallway 9

Source: Homedit

#5 Make Shoe Storage Fun and Ergonomic

Instead of cluttering the floor in the hallway, this home owner decided to add a touch of fun and decor by arranging wooden crates on the wall. The crates are painted in cheerful pastel colors and add a note of the originality to the overall hallway decor.

hallway 10

Source: Remodelaholic

#6 Display a Large Picture

A large, dramatic picture creates a stunning atmosphere in this family’s hallway. Note that the painting is in muted sepia tones. A colored poster or painting would be rather overwhelming in a small hallway. Also, the two chairs on each side create a sense of balance and symmetry.

hallway 1

Source: IdealHome

#7 Place a Large Mirror in Front of the Door

If you really want to light up your hallway, nothing works better than a large, ceiling to floor mirror facing the door. Whenever the door opens and someone walks in, they will be greeted by their own reflection surrounded by a glow of light.

hallway 3

Source: RatedPeople

#8 Be Clever About Visual Points of Interest

This elegant floating console takes little space and provides lots of storage space for keys, correspondence, coins, etc. Its simple design allows people to focus on the true star of the hallway – the statement ceiling lamp.

hallway 8

Source: QuercusLiving

#9 Choose a Bold Color

This homeowner absolutely refused to let their hallway look bland and boring. The solution? A vibrant, bold turquoise color for the walls and ceiling. Combined with the dark hardwood floor, this hallway is certainly not going to be ignored by any visitor.

hallway 5

Source: HouseAndGarden

#10 Vertical Stripes Make the Hallway Look Bigger

This home has a rather short hallway, not to the family’s liking. However, they found a simple trick to make it look bigger: a full length carpet with vertical stripes. The same type of carpet is placed on the stairs, as well, creating the overall effect of a large space – both in length and in height.

hallway 7

Source: QuercusLiving

And this concludes our list of ideas on how to make the most of your hallway. Which one is your favorite? Also, feel free to share your own decorating ideas with us.



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