Redecorating your bedroom is an important step towards creating a new, relaxing and pleasant look for the one room in the entire house where we really want to feel at home. There are as many personal tastes as people on this world, but we decided to look around and discover the top 10 ten trendiest bedroom paint ideas to choose from if you have decided that your favorite room in the house needs a fresh, new look.

#1 Pretty Pink

Girls, ladies, we start with your favorite color. This light pink with brighter shades on the detail panels will create a pleasant atmosphere in your bedroom, making you feel like a true princess!

bedoom paint 10

Image source: Behr

#2 Royal Silver

Silver is a pleasant, calming and luxurious color. It makes your room look larger, brighter and more welcoming. Various shades of silver from light to grey are available and you can play with several shades on adjacent walls.

bedroom paint 3

Image source: HGTV

#3 Cool Mint

Refreshing, light and energizing, mint is one of our top favorite flavors and colors. Your mint painted bedroom will give you the sense of continuous youthful energy and creative inspiration.

bedroom paint 1

Image source: Housebeautiful

#4 Calming Brown

Earth colors give us the sensation of solidity, dependability and safety. The rich brown color of the wall will tell you that you have your safe haven in your bedroom, you can leave all worries and have a well deserved rest.

bedroom paint 6

Image source: Resene

#5 Daring Brick

Bright brick color applied on an exposed brick wall creates a fun filled atmosphere, like an endless college dorm or bachelor pad life. It is a great color for everyone who is forever young at heart.

bedroom paint 8

Image source: Sherwin-William

#6 Creamy Butter

Soft and unctuous, this wall shade creates a soothing, calming atmosphere, full of light and positive energy. Enjoy a happy slumber in a room which offers you everything you need for complete relaxation.

bedroom paint 2

Image source: Housebeautiful

#7 Joyful Green

Alive, happy and young! These are the first three words coming to our mind when we look at this beautiful and comfortable bedroom. Don’t you love the lively color scheme?

bedroom paint 9

Image source: Housebeautiful

#8 Soothing Lavender

Lavender is a beautiful color, delicate and feminine. It is recommended for small spaces to create a warm and safe atmosphere for lots of rest and relaxations. If you have trouble sleeping, a lavender colored bedroom will solve your problem!

bedroom paint 4

Image source: Behr

#9 Bold Blue

If you like strong colors, blue is the right shade for you. It is a powerful color, inspiring self-confidence and relaxation. However, it makes a small room look even smaller or colder, so make sure that you have large windows to create balance between light and color.

bedroom paint 7

Image source: Houseandgarden

#10 Joyful Coral

This color, somewhere between pink, red and orange, is the definition of light hearted joy and happiness. Put a smile on your face every time you enter your bedroom with this lively paint color.

bedroom paint 5

Image source: Resene

There you go! You can now pick your color depending on your personality, or how you envision your ideal bedroom. These trendy bedroom paint ideas are adequate for all ages, tastes and budgets and will help you start the new year in a fresh looking bedroom.


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