There are many ways in which a room may feel too small an uninviting. Some rooms have a small surface. Others may offer a generous floor space, but they have a low ceiling. Usually, it is simpler to trick the eye into believing that a room is more spacious by choosing your furniture and decorations carefully. But what about the ceiling? How can you make people feel that the room is taller than it actually is? In truth, it is not very difficult – it just require more imagination and care in planning wall paint, lighting and furnishing. Today we will show you ten clever tricks to make your ceiling look higher.

#1 Contrasting Wall Colors

Dark colored walls and a light ceiling create an interesting visual effect: the eyes are drawn upwards and the strong contrast makes the ceiling look much higher than it actually is. Navy blue and white are such a pair of colors to create this visual effect. To increase this sensation, extend the light ceiling color to a 3-4 inches along the upper part of the walls.

ceiling 1

Source: Homedit

#2 Hang Curtains High

Curtains are very important accessories which can change the look and feel of a room by their length and color. Short, dark curtains will make even a ballroom feel small and busy. On the other hand, light and airy curtains, hung high on the wall, as close to the ceiling as possible will make the room look tall and spacious.

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Source: Decoist

#3 Place Large Mirrors on the Walls

Mirrors are not objects for our vanity, but also clever accessories for small rooms. Mirrors reflect the light and the space in front of them and create the illusion that a room is larger than it actually is. Large mirrors (or one single large mirror) arranged on the wall as high up as possible will also create the illusion of a higher ceiling.

ceiling 6

Source: ElleDecoration

#4 Choose Lighting Placement Carefully

One of the greatest mistakes if you have a room with a low ceiling is to install hanging lamps which throw the light downward.  If you plan on installing lamps, make sure that they project the light towards the ceiling. Another clever option is to install discrete accent lighting in the recesses of the ceiling, creating the illusion of more height.

ceiling 7

Source: ImpressiveInteriorDesign

#5 Opt for Tall Artwork

Everyone likes to add a personal touch in the form of framed photographs, paintings or posters on the walls. Be careful when you shop for artwork for your living room or bedroom with a low ceiling. You should favor portrait shaped artwork instead of landscape shaped pieces. Tall items placed on or against the walls will make the room feel higher.

ceiling 9

Source: FromHouseToHome

#6 Choose a Wallpaper with Vertical Stripes

Stripes have already been used by ladies for decades in their fashion choice to highlight their best features and disguise those seen as less desirable. Short women wear clothes with vertical stripes to look taller. The same visual effect happens when you place wallpaper with vertical stripes in a room with a low ceiling. Suddenly, the room will look higher.

ceiling 2

Source: Homedit

#7 Opt for Glossy Paint for the Ceiling

Glossy paint has a liquid shimmer, adding depth to any surface it is applied on. If you choose this type of paint for the ceiling, it will look higher and create a pleasant visual focus in the room.

ceiling 3

Source: Decoist

#8 Place Low and Furniture in the Room

High and massive pieces of furniture will dwarf the room even more than it already is. The right choice for rooms with low ceiling are short pieces which expand horizontally. Bar style tables, long and low sofas are ideal options for furnishing this kind of room and maintaining its pleasant proportions both in height and in surface.

ceiling 5

Source: ElleDecoration

#9 High Door Frames

If your room is really small in height, it is worth making a small investment in replacing your existing door with a higher one – up to the ceiling is possible. Tall doors make people think of high and imposing rooms. And this impression really tricks the eye into seeing a high, spacious room.

ceiling 8

Source: ImpressiveInteriorDesign

#10 Create High Corners

This is yet another clever trick to make a low ceiling look higher. Place tall items such as apartment plants and floor lamps in the corners of the room. In this way, the eye will be attracted to this area and construe the entire ceiling as a high one.

ceiling 10

Source: KylieMInteriors

All these simple tricks do not involve expensive investments – in most of the cases they involve rearranging furniture or decorations which you already own. In some situations, you may reconsider certain items, but it is a worthwhile effort if you manage to make your ceiling look higher and enjoy a more welcoming home.


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