Your dream has come true: you are moving into your own house. Whether it’s a brand new one or you are buying from previous owners, one thing is for certain: you need to make it a home by picking your favorite colors for its wall paint, furniture and decorations. Painting an entire house is not an easy job. If you poll your family, you will probably end with all the colors in the spectrum and a very poor color coordination. However, there are some common sense rules, complemented by designers’ tips and advice and today we will share some of them with you. So, if you need some help to pick the color scheme for your rooms, read on:

#1 Chose Complementary Colors

Complementary colors are very soothing and pleasant in the right combination. A set of complementary colors consists of either two similar tones of the same basic color (the simple complementary combination) or a dark color paired with a light one (the split complementary combination). For this stylish bathroom, the split complementary combination of cream and deep purple creates the perfect impression of luxury and relaxation.

colors 1

Source: ImpressiveInteriorDesign

#2 Go With One Basic Color

A monochrome room would be truly boring (or create eye fatigue), but if you create the perfect mix of the tones deriving from the same primary color, you can have a beautiful color themed room. For this bedroom, its owner wanted cheerful and relaxing shades of blue, from turquoise to powder blue.

colors 4

Source: HGTV

#3 Coordinate with Your Wardrobe

Ladies, here’s a cool hint for your dressing and bedroom: take a look at the most frequent colors you pick for your clothes and use them to paint the room and select adequate furniture. This perfect coordination of colors will create a uniform and pleasant look, especially if you favor open shelves instead of a standard wardrobe.

clors 6

Source: BHG

#4 Earthy Tones Are Never Out of Fashion

Calming beige and dark brown are colors we find everywhere in nature: in the sand of the beeches, in the bark of the trees, in the look of freshly ploughed soil and so on. These natural colors are soothing and will give your house an elegant, timeless look.

colors 8

Source: HouseBeautiful

#5 The 60-30-1o Rule

If you want to have several colors in the same room, there is one rule all interior designers go by: 60% the main color, which should be a light, neutral one, 30% a darker, complementary color, and 10% a bold accent color to make the room pop. It is a classic rule with which you cannot go wrong in any room of your home, from a formal living room to the intimacy of your bedroom.

colors 10

Source: Freshome

#6 Let Architecture Dictate the Color Scheme

This room is small in surface and narrow. A dark color would make it look like a dark cavern. Bold colors would not work, either. Only one primary color lights up this space: white. The stripes in light green add a cheerful note and emphasize the length of the room. Everything else is color coordinated with the walls.

colors 2

Source: ImpressiveInteriorDesign

#7 A Couple of Shades of Grey

Grey is a cool, relaxing color, perfect for the bedroom. It relaxes the eye and the mind….but it would be quite boring as the only color. Thankfully, grey has many shades (no pun intended) and you can pick from satin, pearly and matte tones to add variety to your bedroom.

colors 3Source: HGTV

#8 Be Inspired By Your Favorite Artwork

This couple really loves the framed painting above their bed. And they realized that the colors chosen by the painter to create it is perfect as a color scheme for the entire room. After all, you can’t go wrong if you trust a painter’s choice, can you?

colors 5

Source: BHG

#9 The Obvious Choice for the Kitchen

White used to be the standard color for kitchen, but not anymore. Kitchens should be a reflection of a healthy diet – and what is more natural than fresh salads, vegetables and fruit? Green is the accepted color for nature and bio food, so this family decided to make a statement in their kitchen. Truth be said, it does inspire you to pick some healthy recipes for your family, right?

colors 7

Source: HouseBeautiful

#10 Bright, Bold Colors? Add Lots of White

Some people really love to have lots of colors in their rooms. From graffiti inspired artwork to ethnic prints and mismatched furniture, you can end up with over 5 strong colors in the same room. How do you make them work without creating an eyesore? Just make everything else white. White opens up the space, makes a room more luminous and shows off your favorite bright colors in the best possible way.

colors 9

Source: Freshome

We hope that these suggestions will help you learn a few things about how colors work together in an enclosed space. Now you can proceed with confidence and pick the color theme for your rooms and make your house truly a warm, welcoming home.

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