The bedroom is that room in the house where everyone should feel relaxed and rest properly. A good night’s sleep is mandatory for staying healthy and energetic and enjoying life to the full. However, a lot of people cannot fully relax in their small and cramped bedrooms. The sense of being unable to unwind and enjoy the hours spent in your most private sanctuary is one of the most unpleasant and unhealthy. However, there are ways in which you can make your bedroom feel more welcoming. No, you cannot make it larger, but you can trick your eyes to forget about how small it is. One of the ways in which you can achieve this is by creating an accent wall in your small bedroom. We found ten creative ideas which we loved and will share with you right now.

#1 Display Your Hobby

A dramatic black & white contrast is the best way to create an accent wall. But this person took it one step further by displaying their skateboard collection. In this way, the wall becomes both a focus of visual attention and a storage solution to declutter the room. You can do the same with your bike, roller skates or any other similar hobby item.

accent 1

Source: HomeDesignLover

#2 A Precious Corner

Painted in the tone of amethyst, this corner of a very small bedroom has the look and feel of an Oriental palace, with beautiful antiques and vintage decorations complementing the precious color of the walls. This small refuge from the modern world looks as cozy as it is quaint.

accent 3

Source: Decoholic

#3 Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Mirrors are very useful in small rooms to make them feel bigger. And when the entire wall is taken up by a large mirror, then you will quickly forget how small your bedroom actually is.

accent 6

Source: HGTV

#4 Display Modern Artwork

The purpose of an accent wall is to create a visual theme. For this person, the collection of modern gypsum molds is the most prized possession and it is worth displaying like in a museum, grouped together. The artwork pieces are set off by the teal colored wall paint, which also creates a nice contrast with the adjacent wall and the ceiling.

accent 8

Source: Homedit

#5 Beautiful Scales

The scale pattern made of wooden shingles has a cheerful and soothing effect, lighting up the room with its natural, warm color. It is also an original looking accent wall, in tune with the owner’s personality.

accent 9

Source: GoodHousekeeping

#6 Artistic Decals

Once again, a dramatic black wall is the ideal background for a set of whimsy and artistic looking decals. As we have said in other articles, decals represent a creative and very affordable way of decorating walls. Whenever you feel like making some changes, you can buy a new set of decals and quickly replace the old ones.

accent 2

Source: HomeDesignLover

#7 Cheerful Polka Dots

There is something always cheerful in polka dots. They remind us of childhood clothes and toys and create a lively atmosphere in any room. If you select a bright color, which is not tiring for the eyes, your bedroom will become a happy and relaxing place for you to enjoy rest.

accent 4

Source: Decoholic

#8 More Mirrors

After we recommended an accent wall made of a single large mirror, here is a second idea involving mirrors. Yes, more than one, in surprising shapes, with artistic, rustic or precious frames – this mirror collection is worth admiring and creates an amazing focus of visual attention by concentrating the light and dispersing it all over the room.

accent 5

Source: HGTV

#9 Wooden Accents

Wood is one of the most versatile natural materials. It can be used either to make furniture from it or as decoration. This wall has a homey, rustic appeal with the horizontal decorative beans and contrasting navy blue wall paint.

accent 7

Source: Homedit

#10 Floral Wallpaper

Wallpaper is an affordable option for people who want to create an accent wall with lively decoration. Floral or plant inspired designs are among the most popular choices, together with scenic images.

accent 10

Source: Decoist

These simple examples show that with a little imagination, a small investment and, maybe some DIY work, you can create a beautiful accent wall in a small bedroom and change its entire atmosphere. You will be able to enjoy yourself and admire your decorative work, while forgetting about the small area of your bedroom.

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