If you have watched any English movie about the countryside, you must have noticed the charming and cozy interior decor. There is a saying that the Englishman’s home is his castle, and people are really serious about it. Everything they do in terms of furnishing and decorations has one purpose only: to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, nurturing happiness and a peaceful life. This is something everyone strives to have at home, after all. So today we will show you a few simple and clever ways to create the English cottage style in your home. Are you ready? Then let us proceed.

#1 Create a Cozy Nook Just for Yourself

Many houses have deep bay windows where you could certainly arrange a little seating area. Then go ahead, and do it.  Put some comfortable cushions and blankets there, bring your favorite books, and enjoy a cup of hot tea or cocoa in your little snug retreat.

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Source: BHG

#2 Have A Dining Corner

No matter how small is your home, create a dining area where all the family sits down to have the meals together. Meals in the family are very important for the English people, as well as for any of us. This is valuable time and it creates a culture of healthy eating in your family.

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Source: ImpressiveInteriorDesign

#3 Create Fancy Vignettes on the Window Sills

English people are very houseproud, so they like to add a touch of decor to every little corner. Window sills are important – everyone looks out of the window, after all. It does not have to be anything fancier than a colorful little vase with flowers, or a few seashells and colored marbles.

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#4 Embrace Pastel Colors

Simple and down to earth in their preferences, the English like to use natural color palettes around the house and especially muted, pastel colors. In truth, these light colors for the walls, doors and floors are ideal for making small rooms feel larger and more spacious.

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Source: ArchitecturalDigest

#5 Bring In the Flowers

Who doesn’t love the nature, especially the fresh fragrance of flowers? English cottages are always full of fresh flowers as well as floral patterns on the wallpaper, bedspreads, decorative pillows and so on. It will certainly cheer up your house if you started keeping fresh flowers in every room.

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Source: HGTV

#6 A Farm Style Kitchen

Keep the pots and pans above your cooking islands, do not worry about matching chairs, and just enjoy your farm style kitchen, with its solid wooden table and the quaint rustic decorations. Worry less about the picture perfect decor, and make sure you are comfortable and can cook your delicious meals in peace and quiet.

english 2Sources: BHG

#7 Replace Blinds with Drapes

Long, velvety drapes, with or without frills, in neutral colors or fancy prints – this is what the English love when it comes to guarding the privacy of their homes. Blinds are too impersonal. A drape always tells a story and is a part of the decor of the room.

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Source: ImpressiveInteriorDesign

#8 Less Is Always More

Embrace simplicity in your bedroom and in other functional areas of the home. Do not over stuff your rooms and add too many decorations. But do not skimp on comfort, either. Buy that large, sumptuous bed fit for a king. But put simple white cotton bed sheets on it.

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#9 Do Not Forget About Any Room

Here’s the thing: every room is important in an English cottage and has to look good, even the bathroom. Be it nicely patterned wallpaper, sumptuous ceiling lamps or pictures hung on the walls (or all of them), a bathroom should look as presentable as the Queen’s ballroom.

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Source: ArchitecturalDigest

#10 Coziness Is Next to Godliness

Last, but not least – your home must look and feel cozy. Be generous with poufs, cushions, large armchairs and thick, soft carpets. Your house may be small, but it must feel like your own royal palace.

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Source: HGTV

So now you know the most meaningful ways to create the English cottage style in your home. Are you ready to embrace it?


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