Nothing is better for a healthy life that a good night’s sleep every night. Unfortunately, a lot of people suffer from sleep related conditions, which affect their health, well-being and performance at work. Insomnia, interrupted sleep, bad sleep positions and other similar problems prevent a lot of us from getting a proper rest and preparing our bodies for another busy day. However, you can do something about this – beside seeking medical help. The way your bedroom looks has a strong impact on your sleep. Therefore, today we will show you various ways to decorate your bedroom for better sleep. Here we go:

#1 Remove Hi-Tech Devices from the Close Proximity of the Bed

Many people place their smartphones on the bedside table and use them as alarm clocks. Unfortunately, they also use them to browse the internet and read their emails while lying in bed. This is a major cause of sleep deprivation in the modern age. Instead, keep a few books by your bedside and use an old fashioned alarm clock.

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#2 Consider Upholstering Your Walls

Noise is an increasingly worrying problem in urban areas. There is even a condition called noise stress. At the same time, many people have poor quality sleep due to the constant noisy environment they live in. Padded walls could be a solution if you live in such an environment. This solution will reduce the noise level in your room and also keep it warmer during the cold season, helping you reduce your heating bills.

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#3 Keep Your Bedroom Neat and Tidy

A cluttered room has a negative impact on your brain’s ability to relax and get into the deep sleep state. Clutter constantly keeps your senses alert and gives you a sense of agitation. You may not perceive it at a conscious level, but a messy bedroom is the underlying cause of your troubled sleep.

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#4 Opt for Natural Fabrics for the Bedding

Cotton, wool, linen and other natural fabrics are not only trendy, but also very healthy for a good sleep. These materials allow air to pass through them and keep your skin (our largest organ) properly oxygenated during sleep. Also, the soft feel of these fabrics will certainly make your bed feel cozy and inviting.

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#5 Opt For Dimmer Light Switches

Lighting is essential for inducing the state of sleepiness. Harsh light will keep you awake. Total darkness makes you want to turn on the light and wait till you feel sleepy. Dimmed light is the best, just like a prolongation of the sunset. Special dimmer switches with a timer attached will reduce the intensity of light little by little until the light is turned off and you are sleeping deeply.

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#6 Use Various Window Treatments

Shutters or roller window blinds together with curtains will help you control the level of natural light entering your bedroom, as well as reducing noise. These window treatments are also a great idea if fear of privacy intrusion prevents you from falling asleep. Not to mention, these treatments also help control the room temperature, keeping it cooler during the hot summer days.

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#7 Opt for a Natural Chromatic Scheme

Reliable dark brown, light creamy beige, pure white and a few charcoal elements – these are earthy colors and represent an ideal color scheme for a relaxing bedroom. All natural colors inspired from mother earth give us a sense of safety and relaxation, allowing us to fall asleep faster.

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#8 Pick Artwork Carefully

The bedroom is not and should not be an art gallery. Colorful, complex and emotion inducing artwork will keep distracting you from sleep. The paintings, photos and other decorations you decide to display in the bedroom must create an overall sense of calm and relaxation, blending in with the rest of the furniture.

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#9 Bring Plants into Your Bedroom

If you want to have a decoration which is truly beautiful and beneficial, then choose a house plant. Some of them, such as jasmine and lavender are scientifically proven to fight anxiety and induce sleep.

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Source: HomeWings

#10 Apply a Few Feng Shui Principles

Remove anything from your room which relates to work or to outdoor exercise. This includes the laptop, any gym equipment and even outdoor clothing (hats, shoes, or overcoats). The key principle in feng shui is to separate rooms by function and focus on natural harmony in terms of color scheme and materials used for furnishing the bedroom.

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We hope that you find at least one of these ways to decorate your bedroom for better sleep to your liking. Have a good night and a relaxing sleep!

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