The 1980s are both in the past and quite recent for most of us. The era of big hair and ridiculous shoulder pads, of neon colors and big, bold patterns has good and bad things in terms of style and decor. Some of us are glad it’s over, but nostalgia keeps creeping in and we see some of its trends making a timid comeback. Having reached the 2st century safely, we now look back at the 20th and try to sum up what it meant to us. And this is why we decided to share with you some of the best ’80s home decor style trends.

#1 Pop Art

Celebrities were never more revered than in the 1980s. Their names and faces were plastered on teenagers’ walls, on large outdoor billboards, T-shirts, and even artwork. There was practically no home where you wouldn’t be faced with a movie or music icon on the walls. While celebrities are now more accessible to us thanks to the internet and the social media, our fascination with them does not stop.

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#2 Pastel Colors

The 1980s were wild years in terms of clothes and hair colors. But back home, people wanted to relax in the soothing atmosphere of natural tones and delicate pastels. This was the era of light peach, taupe, muted chromes and subtle honey yellow. If you enjoy the pastels all around your house then you may be a child of the ’80s.

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#3 Memphis Style

Memphis Milano style took over the 1980s household by storm. This youthful and colorful style was a total opposite of the soothing pastels. Bright, contrasting colors, unexpected shapes and designs defined it and made it a top favorite among young, energetic families and college graduates.

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Source: HouseBeautiful

#4 Open Kitchens

Still a trend, open kitchens originate in the 1980s. After decades of being shut away behind a close door, housewives wanted to be able to interact with their families and enjoy conversation as they cooked dinner. Open kitchens also meant that small apartments could have a separate dining area without encroaching on the living room.

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#5 Verdigris

This coppery green color was all the rave in the 1980s. Bold, vibrant, yet deep and soothing, this specific shade or green was everywhere. And now various shades of green and other nature inspired colors are back in fashion, so you might as well embrace verdigris.

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#6 Southwestern Style

Native American inspired prints, rustic country style and bright colors – all these elements defined the Southwestern style. We are bringing it back in a way, under the name of boho chic or ethnic style. But its roots are back in the 1980s and this is the original blend of styles characterizing it.

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#7 Futuristic Home Appliances

The 1980s loved technology inspired by popular Sci-Fi movies and series such as Star Trek. Home appliance designers understood the demand and satisfied it with everything from see-through phones and table lamps which seem to have jumped from the TV screen showing space ship Enterprise.

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Source: ArchitecturalDigest

#8 Chintz

Oh, the big, colorful prints of ’80s sofas! Who can forget about chintz covered windows, tables, chairs, settees? People could not have enough of it. Color coordinating clothes with chintz prints was even a trend, if you can believe it! Now we may tone down those huge prints, but we find it hard to relegate chintz completely to the past.

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Source: HouseBeautiful

#9 A Feminine Touch

Bathroom decor was exclusively masculine for decades and then became unisex in the ’60s and ’70s. But women would not longer tolerate that state of thing in the 1980s – they wanted their own separate bathrooms. Bright pink, soft, rounded shapes, flower patterns and even floral arrangements invaded the bathroom and turned it into a beautiful, feminine corner where every woman could feel like a queen.

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#10 The Geometry Lesson

The 1980s were all about precise geometrical shapes: squares, circles, triangles and rectangles were everywhere. From the shape of furniture to prints and patterns for wallpapers, floor tiles, carpets and clothes, geometrical shapes are the most obvious design trend of the ’80s in terms of design.

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Did you enjoy this walk down the memory lane? Which of these ’80s home decor style trends do you already display at home or are willing to embrace? Share your own favorite trends with us!


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