Every person’s home is their castle, or so the saying goes. But, of course, not all of us afford to live in a castle or even have a house like the ones you see in glossy interior design magazines. However, many designers have become sharing a few secrets of the trade with the world. Not all those beautifully appointed rooms you see in magazines cost a fortune to furnish and decorate. And today we will share some of these amazing tricks with you. We will show you 10 ways to make your house look luxurious on a budget. Not ready to believe us? Then read on!

#1 Create a Sense of Symmetry

A beautiful, high class living room has a sense of perfect balance about it. Nothing too much in terms of decoration, and the furniture is evenly distributed across the surface of the room, almost creating a mirror image. This symmetry is very pleasing to the eye and makes us add more value to the room as a whole in our mind.

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Source: Freshome

#2 Create Faux Panels

Paneled walls belong to period villas and they give a sense of luxury and elegance to any room. You can achieve this effect by applying strips of molding – what decorators call picture framing. The secret for a flawless result is to create a perfect pattern of rectangles and parallel lines in relation to doors and windows.

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Source: BHG

#3 Keep It Simple

Filling up a room with decorations and artwork does not make it look rich and luxurious, but stuffy and crammed. Plus, you will have your work cut for you dusting and polishing all those items. Luxury is classy, simple and airy. It gives the sense of lots of comfort, of a pleasant life and of freedom of movement.

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Source: MyDomaine

#4 Add A Touch of Brass

Copper color, just like gold and silver, has a luxurious connotation. And it also happens to be in the trends for this year. Copper accents need to be subtle and just enough to add a touch of luxury. A lamp, a few decorations, a picture or mirror frame or any other small items are sufficient to set the note for your room.

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Source: HGTV

#5 Opt for a Chaise Longue

Let us be honest, a chaise longue costs just as much as a sofa or a love seat. But it does have an air of nobility and luxury. After all, every diva in classic Hollywood movie will conveniently faint on a chaise longue, not a regular sofa.

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Source: StyleCaster

#6 Invest in Custom Curtains

Curtains should perfectly match your walls and furniture to give your house a high-end look. You may not find the perfect fabric, color and size in retail stores, but custom made curtains do not cost a fortune. Go ahead, make your room picture perfect!

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Source: Freshome

#7 Create Bold Contrast with Natural Colors

The most fashionable houses impress by the clever choice of colors for the walls, furniture and carpets. And the best combinations involve natural colors: earth tones and smooth, pastel shades of beige and cream.

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Source: Home-Improvement

#8 Add a Few Sculptural Items

Statement furniture or decorations add a note of high class and exclusive design. And, guess what: you do not have to splurge on expensive brands. Many amazing pieces of furniture can be found in yard sales or small boutiques and be well within your budget.

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Source: MyDomaine

#9 Faux Fur Rules

That plushy, comfortable and sumptuous look of a fur bedspread can be easily achieved on a budget, confesses an interior designer. Find some faux fur blankets, have them stitched together and there you go, you have a bed or a sofa fit for a king.

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Source: HGTV

#10 Opt for Jewel Colors

Amethyst, jade, ruby red or emerald green are noble colors, which inspire a sense of expensive and luxurious decor. These are also timeless colors for furniture and accent walls. Be careful to choose furniture and decorations which complement this rich color and do not cause eye fatigue.

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Source: StyleCaster

It is easy to see that the people who own the homes above did not put a huge dent in the family budget with their redecoration works. They were simply clever and imaginative in looking for furniture and decoration ideas. You can also identify your own ways to make your house look luxurious on a budget. You only need to start thinking out of the box. Good luck!

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