The craze over mason jars continues! I can’t stop being surprised at how many amazing ways mason jars can be used at home, for both decoration and storage, from mason jar lights, organizers in the kitchen, to makeup storage.  Today I’m going to introduce 11 new cool ways craft lovers can use mason jars to store craft supplies. Whether you have a whole dedicated craft room or have to squeeze in some space in the hallway for your ribbons, scissors or needles, you can find great craft storage ideas in this post! To explore even more options to personalize your crafts, you can use custom mason jars!

My favorite way to use mason jars as craft storage is mason jar pin cushions! They are perfect to store buttons, threads, and as a pace to pin needles at the same time. Follow the link under the picture to The Seasoned Homemaker blog for a full tutorial on how to make these lovely mason jar pin cushions.

Mason jar pin cushion

Just with a little bit of black or chalkboard paint, you can create a lovely charming way to label your mason jar organizers. Each type of craft supplies can stay in one separate labelled mason jar, easy and ready to be picked out.

mason jar craft storage

If you are in need of space to store your craft supplies, under the shelf can offer a lot of extra space for craft storage. Not only this is a great and neat storage solution, the pinned mason jars also look super cool!

mason jar craft storage

Rustic crates and boxes in combination with mason jars are not only practical and space-saving storage ideas but also make beautiful vintage decorations for your craft room walls.

mason jar craft idea

Not only does this multi-tiered cake display holder offer a lot of space for your mason jars, it is also a charming addition to your craft room’s corner!

mason jar store crafts

Organizing and dispense twine becomes super easy and fun with this mason jar twine holder. On top of that, this would be a fun small project for DIY lovers. Head over to A Casarella’s blog to get the full tutorial for this clever storage solution. Besides twine, you can also store threads and ribbons with this nifty mason jar dispenser.

mason jar twine dispenser

Mason jars can become a great addition to your gift wrapping station. With a simple rack drilled to the back of the door, you can store a whole lot of craft tools and supplies!

mason jar gift wrapping station

Have an old cupboard that needs an extreme makeover or repurpose? Lolly Jane offers a wonderful guide on how they repurposed an old hutch bought off Craigslist to become a lovely rustic craft supplies station. The mason jars add beautiful rustic charm to the vintage cupboard!


mason jar craft storage

Don’t throw away those small baby food jars! You can repurpose them to become your little craft supplies dispensers!

mason jar ribbon storage

Wall storage is always my favorite because they don’t take up extra space in my small apartment. That’s why I love this idea of small mason jars held up by metal strings and pinned to a rustic wood board!

mason jar storage

mason jar storage crafts

Have some extra space on your coat rack? Drill a hole on the rack’s top surface for your mason jar and you have a unique way to store your craft supplies.

I could image there are still a million ways more to use mason jars in storage and decorations. Can’t believe how charming and useful these little jars can be around the house! So the next time you are about to throw a way a jam or pickle jar, review these ideas to see if they can be included in any future home storage project of yours!

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