Whether you are going to have a totally new laundry room and you need some effective laundry storage ideas or you plan to reorganize your existing laundry room. I hope that you can take away a few tips from the following list of 11 clever and effective laundry storage solutions.

#1 – Hide away the machines in a cupboard

If your laundry area is in a place that visitors pass by, for example in the mudroom, hiding the machines and laundry storage away in a cupboard or behind a door might be a good option to keep things hidden. I love this type of structure as it provides enough of counter space and has storage cupboard right on top.

laundry storage ideas cupboard hide

Hide away in a cupboard

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#2 – Ironing boards in drawers

laundry storage ideas drawer ironing board

Ironing board in drawer

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#3 – Baskets on the wall

In small spaces, anything can be hooked up to the wall is greatly beneficial. You can add labels for your baskets, for example dirty vs clean laundry or “Light”, “bright” or “dark” laundry for the sake of classification.

laundry room ideas baskets wall

Baskets and shelving

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#4 – Go vertical – stacked washing machine and dryer to save space

laundry room storage stacked machines

Stacked machines

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#5 – Frame and plastic baskets to classify clothes

I like this type of laundry storage as it saves space and is very efficient in classifying clothes into different types. This exact frame is from IKEA’ ALGOT series, a very economical system to store a big amount of clothes.

laundry storage idea ikea

IKEA storage system

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#6 – Multifunctional corner

If you have a small house or apartment, chances are that you would want to combine several uses into the same space. Below is a combination of a craft zone and a laundry small area. The counter can be used for both craft and laundry work.

laundry storage ideas skirt cupboard

Multifunctional combo

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#7 – Hide a less-than-attractive laundry room behind a curtain

If your laundry space is not the area of the house where you are the most proud of, why not just hide it away behind a nice curtain? Dans-le-townhouse offers a nice tutorial on how to make these cheap curtains from old bedding.

Curtains also make great alternatives to closet doors. Remember only to use curtain rings to make closing and opening easier.

laundry room storage curtain

Hideaway behind a curtain

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#8 – Secret laundry space under staircase

This is just genius! What a great space saver! This is a perfect laundry storage solution that utilizes every inch of unused space in the house. The drawer style creates easy access to stored items, which is great for daily used items like laundry.

laundry storage under staircase

Under the staircase

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#9 – A cabinet that spreads the whole wall

A wall unit is a great space saver as it spreads over the whole wall and provides massive storage space. You only need one wall unit to store all of your laundry necessities, from washing powder, liquid, hooks to clean laundry.

laundry room ideas whole wall cabinet

Big laundry cabinet

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#10 – Efficient shelving

In small spaces, we cannot afford to waste any little square meters. Thus, take advantage all of available space by shelving all the way to the top. It might look a bit cluttered but we are talking about laundry rooms, which are not the most popular places that guests will visit.

laundry storage idea efficient shelving

Effective shelving

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#11 – Compact laundry space and storage on the door

I love how doors always can provide so much extra storage space. Use the laundry cabinet door to hang small items and install narrow shelves.

laundry room ideas door storage spaces

Compact laundry area

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Organization and storage in small spaces require a lot of advanced planning and practicality considerations. And this is especially true for laundry storage. Remember to put on good lighting for your laundry area as you would want to spot any possible dirt on your clean laundry.

If you washer and dryer are next to each other, install them so that the doors are on the opposite sides, which creates a space in the middle to help transferring wet laundry from the washer to the dryer easily. Before buying the machines, consult the salesman about whether the swing can be switched for your convenience.

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