The kitchen is one place in your house where there are the most necessities. You need space to organize cooking utensils, pots, pans, plates, bowls, eating utensils, spices etc. And all of these items you are using every day. So if you have a small kitchen, no wonder that you always have a little of spacing and organizing dilemma. This article features 11 fun and creative ways to hang cooking utensils that will not only make your kitchen look neater, but is also convenient for daily usage.

A drying rack on the wall

This is a classic but still a fabulous way to utilize an empty spot on your wall. A tip for DIY drying rack: you can use a curtain rod and curtain hooks from IKEA to create your own drying rack. A curtain rod from IKEA costs somewhere from $4 and you can get 10 hooks for $2.5.

small kitchen storage hanging kitchen utensils wallimage source

On the window’s molding

This would be perfect if you have a window right above the sink. You can install the drying rack right on the window’s molding

hanging kitchen utensils window moldingimage source: seattlepi

Hang them on a coat hook

Coat hooks surprise me in numerous ways as there are so many ways you can use them. If you have some unused coat hook lying around the house, use them to hang your cooking utensils, pots and pans. Great way to recycle!

small kitchen ideas coat hooks to hang cooking utensilsimage source

On top of the kitchen island

This looks almost like art with pots and pans hanging like a chandelier on top of the kitchen island. These pot racks are available at all major household stores. As the pot rack will be quite a focal point of your kitchen, spend some time in finding the right one that do not only offer enough storage space but also look nice on top of your kitchen island.

hanging cooking utensils kitchen islandimage by F-F Architects via decoist

Inside a cupboard

Cupboard doors offer great space of storing smaller cooking utensils. If you have some unused cupboard, you could also install a rack inside to hang your pots and cooking utensils.

small kitchen solutions hang cooking utensils cupboar doorimage by the Family Handyman

Pots and tools on display

How about a wall art of pots, pans and kitchen tools? This works best if you have a blank and white wall as your cooking utensils can really pop and become an attention grabber.

cooking utensils hanging on the wallimage via TheKitchn

An unsual chandelier

I love creative recycling ideas. This old chandelier however becomes a great rack for your pots and cooking utensils.

repurposed chandelier hanging cooking utensilsimage source

Pots and pans flowing from the ceiling

Use a combination of chains and hooks to create this amazing cooking utensil display. This storage solution frees up a lot of space and also looks so creative. You can fasten a board of wood on top of the ceiling and screw the chains on it. Create a more interesting look by using chains of different lengths.

hanging cooking utensils ceiling chainimage via casasugar

On a peg board

A peg board is such a versatile item to have in your house. You can hang practically anything on it, jewelries, scarves, etc. And how they are for hanging cooking utensils

organize kitchen utensils peg boardimage via abeautifulmess

DIY pot rack from a garden trellis

A great tutorial on how to make this pot rack from a garden trellis was found on Instructables. Never thought of using gardening supplies for kitchen storage but this is a genius and cheap DIY idea!

diy pot rack garden trellis

image source

Recycle old fence gate into kitchen utensil organizer

Love the rustic charm of this old fence gate. And look how effective a kitchen pegboard it is!

recycled fence gate kitchen pegboardimage via Disfynctional Designs

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