Every parent in the world tries to make their children’s lives as full of happiness and love as possible. Playing is children’s number one activity, so toys are some of the most frequent purchases. But children also need a space of their own where to play – the playroom. By allowing them the freedom to use their imagination while playing, parents encourage children to develop intellectually, discover the world around them and learn how to interact with other children and adults. Even in the tiniest house, parents still find a place for their children to play. And today we will help you create such a place for your child with 12 adorable examples of small playroom ideas.

#1 Apply A Large Mural Over All Walls

This adorable playroom looks like a magic land from fairy tales. It does not really show its small size and this is because the eye’s perspective is tricked by the mural design. It extends across all walls and even the ceiling. Large designs and pastel colors create a different perspective and make the room seem much larger.

playroom 1

Source: Home-Designing

#2 Cubby Holes at Children’s Height

These children’s parents wanted to leave them as much free space on the floor, so they surrounded the walls with cubby holes. All these storage areas are situated within the reach of small children, thus teaching them to get their toys and then put them neatly back where they belong.

playroom 4

Source: Dzuls

#3 The Creative Corner

As they discovered their sons’ preference for drawing, these parents decided to give them lots of space to express their creativity, without ruining all the walls of the house. So they turned an entire wall in the playroom into a blackboard. Now the two little artists can work on their masterpieces without a worry.

playroom 5

Source: Decoist

#4 The Kitchen Corner

A dining area in an open kitchen was converted into a playroom by this mom. The corner enjoys plenty of sunlight all day long and the child is always well supervised while mom is cooking lunch and dinner. When you cannot have an entire room, even a small area is enough for a child to play happily.

playroom 8

Source: HGTV

#5 All Sails Up

The tight spaced attic of this family’s home became a playroom decorated to look like a ship braving the oceans. Everything is in place, from the life buoy to the globe to follow the trail of the ship across the distant seas.

playroom 9

Source: IdealHome

#6 Creative Storage Used as Decoration

Any child would love this forest themed playground. Everything is brightly colored, there are toys and there is a huge tree…where you can put the toys away! The creative arrangement of the cubby holes fits perfectly with the painted tree on the wall and makes them look like a decoration by themselves.

playroom 12

Source: Homedit

#7 Create Several Points of Interest

This cleverly arranged playroom has at least 3 different areas of interest to keep the children busy all day. There is a faux ice cream stand to craft with play dough, an adorable house shaped book case with coloring books and tables and chairs for the children to sit down comfortably as they play. Who knew you could do so much with a small room?

playroom 2

Source: Home-Designing

#8 A Colorful Corner

When your children start going to school, most likely they will love reading as soon as they can do it. This family created colorful and comfortable reading seats in a corner, with plenty of storage space underneath for books and toys.

playroom 3

Source: Dzuls

#9 A Little Teepee

Children do not need a lot of space or toys to build their fantasy world. A little teepee is sometimes all it takes to give your child their own private space to play and imagine a whole universe of exciting adventures.

playroom 6

Source: Decoist

#10 Build a Tree House

A tree house inside a small room? That’s right! Children love tree houses and also their privacy while they play. It does not have to be large and elaborate. Your children will adore it for the simple fact that they have a place just for themselves to go in and play.

playroom 7

Source: HGTV

#11 Place a Large Playmat on the Floor

Playmats have various designs to allow children to play with toy cars and trains, racing each other. Give a child a playmat and a few toys and you keep them busy for hours. And you don’t have to worry about not having space for a real playroom. Playmats can be easily rolled up and the room returns to its regular function as living room or bedroom once the children finish playing.

playroom 10

Source: IdealHome

#12 Action Games

School aged children are very energetic and need to exercise a lot. When the weather is fine, they go to the playground. But during rainy and winter days things get complicated. Not for this family! They turned the playroom into an action center for their children. Rain or sun these kids will be busy going up and down the slide or swinging happily in the home made swing.

playroom 11

Source: Homedit

And we have reached the end of our small playroom ideas! Honestly, we’d rather go in any of these adorable rooms and pretend to be children all weekend long. Which one is your favorite?

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