The most important element in a bedroom is, obviously, the bed. Change the bed and you change the entire look of the room. But it still feel comfortable! And a good bed is a serious investment, not one to be made lightly and just for its looks. What is the next best thing to revamp your bedroom? Change the headboard, of course! The headboard is, after all, the key design part of any bed. Modern or old-time, stylish or cutting-edge, the headboard says a lot about your personality. And if you feel the old one does not represent you anymore, it is time for a new one – made by yourself. Not sure what to do about it? Here are some creative and simply amazing DIY headboard ideas you could try.

#1 Books

A nice stack of books is not just a very creative headboard, but a long term source of interesting reading. Possibly, look for old, worn-out copies which do not need to be kept in pristine condition. But put some thought into your new headboard. After all, it will keep you good company for months to come.

headboard 1

Source: Freshome

#2 Give New Life to an Old Door

This headboard is a wooden door with carved panels. The panels were repainted and the door  length was adjusted to fit the bed. Who says you cannot bring new meaning to old items?

headboard 3

Source: DIYncrafts

#3 Soft and Cushiony

These young people decided to do something very creative in terms of headboard: they attached several pillows to the wall, turning their bed into a comfortable place to sit up and read or watch a movie.

headboard 5

Source: ArchitectureArtDesigns

#4 Save the Mantelpiece

Many people choose energy efficient heating and give up their fireplaces (even the electric ones). If you happen to choose to dismantle your fireplace, do not just throw everything away. The mantelpiece can keep you company still as a headboard in your bedroom.

headboard 8

Source: DIYNetwork

#5 A Sumptuous Canopy

That beautifully printed curtain who doesn’t go well on any of the windows can be very useful as a canopy style headboard for your bed. You will certainly sleep like royalty in your newly revamped bed!

headboard 9

Source: ApartmentTherapy

#6 Laser Cut Headboard

Made of PAL or PE, laser cut headboards are making waves in the furniture design industry. The precision of laser beams allows designers to create complex and intricate arabesques which are then cut out to to create a truly unique headboard.

headboard 12

Source: Shelterness

#7 A Piece of Furniture

For open space studio apartments, separating various areas and creating privacy is quite an issue. This person decided to use a large cabinet with drawers as headboard, achieving an effective separation between the sleeping and sitting areas.

headboard 2

Source: Freshome

#8 Bring In the Moon and the Stars

Clouds will never hang above your peaceful sleep with this creative headboard featuring decal stars and a string of fairy lights arranged as the moon. A dark blue background is a must, of course.

headbord 4

Source: DYIncrafts

#9 Ahoy, Sailor Boy

The love for rowing and sailing is quite visible in this person’s bedroom. They could not bear disposing of old paddles, so they repurposed them as a very original headboard for the bed.

headboard 6

Source: ArchitectureArtDesigns

#10 Feature Your Favorite T-Shirts

You know how it is – you buy a t-shirt and it has such a cool design that you can’t bear wearing and washing it so it doesn’t fade out. Now you have a way of enjoying your top favorite t-shirts for a long time: feature them as a headboard above your bed.

headboard 7

Source: DIYnetwork

#11 A Majestic Mirror

Not any mirror makes an amazing headboard. It has to be a special one, with a one-of-a-kind frame. Something like this Victorian Gothic style mirror. Venetian mirrors also make great headboard replacement.

headboard 10

Source: ApartmentTherapy

#12 A Cheap and Cool Solution

No money to invest in materials for a special headboard? Here is a simple, affordable and creative solution: place a decal on the wall. Yes, there is such a thing as headboard decals, in many colors and designs to suit your tastes.

headboard 11

Source: Shelterness

As you can see from the list above, these amazing DIY headboard ideas are neither complicated, nor expensive. If you want to freshen up the look of your bedroom on a budget you can select any of these suggestive, or come up with an even more creative one. Good luck!

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