The living room is a social room – where we gather with our family at the end of a long and busy day and where we invite our friends for a meal and conversation over drinks. This is why it is important to arrange as many seats as possible, without making the living room feel crowded and small. But when the room is already small, furnishing it in such a manner as to accommodate guests is a true challenge. For all purposes, sofas are not recommended for small rooms. They take up a lot of space and provide little seating space. What is it to do in this situation? The answer is in the form of armchairs. Comfortable and compact, armchairs are the best option for small living room. And today we will show you a large variety of beautiful armchairs for small rooms.

#1 Wicker Armchair

Wicker armchairs are lightweight, give a warm, rustic look to any room and, thanks to the pleated design, appear to take up little space. Such armchairs are available either in their natural color, or in light, pastel colors which are recommended for small rooms. In combination with a colorful and soft cushion, a wicker armchair can quickly become your friends’ favorite seat in your home.

armchair 1

Source: CasualHomeFurnishings

#2 Swivel Armchair

This rounded armchair is provided with swivel wheels, making it very easy to move around the room as it is needed. The design is extremely compact, but it does not sacrifice comfort. Round designs are perfect for rooms with awkward corners and atypical floor plans.

armchair 4

Source: HomesFeed

#3 Retro Chic

The 60’s and 70’s continue to remain an inspiration for today’s designers. This armchair is a reinterpretation of a classic model from that era: the seating space is generous, while the high, angled legs make the armchair float above the floor, making the room feel more spacious.

armchair 6

Source: ColourfulBeautifulThings

#4 Floating Structure

This ultra-modern design is very popular in office furniture and has made the transition to home furniture. The basic structure takes up very little space, but it is very sturdy and stable. Practically, there is no barrier to vision underneath the armchair, so it looks like it is barely there in the room.

amrchair 8

Source: TinyHouseTalk

#5 Mixed Style

This model of armchair takes the best features of retro style and executive chairs, combining them in a very comfortable design in a compact form. The high angled legs allow light to pass under the chair, and give the sensation of more free space on the floor. The design of the seating area makes sure that you enjoy the most comfortable and relaxed position while you watch TV or read a book.

armchair 12

Source: WashingtonPost

#6 Double Duty Armchair

This cozy armchair can unfold into two separate mattresses for overnight guests. It is also useful for really tiny studio apartments, where you cannot have both a bed and living room furniture.

armchair 11

Source: Vurni

#7 Fun and Youthful

It does not look like a traditional armchair, but it surely is very space saving and fun to sit around with friends and watch a movie. These modern and youthful armchairs are available in many colors and easily stackable one on top of the other once your friends left and you no longer need all of them.

armchair 2

Source: CasualHomeFurnishings

#8 Scone Model

This retro inspired armchair model is conservative, comfortable and does not take a lot of space. If you like to have a classic looking living room, this armchair is the perfect choice for you.

Source: HomesFeed

#9 Repurpose a Classic Armchair

Classic armchairs are quite large, but they offer plenty of comfort. They can be repurposed for smaller rooms by taking them to a furniture maker to remove the arms and redesign the legs, so that the armchair floats above the floor and appears to take less space.

armchair 5


Source: ColourfulBeautifulThings

#10 Geometric Armchair

If you like geometric designs, this armchair model is the perfect choice: with simple, uncompromising lines, a neutral light grey color and high legs, it offers comfort without taking up too much space in your living room.

armchair 7

Source: TinyHouseTalk

#11 Summer Dreams

Do you miss your summer vacation, sitting on an easy chair and sipping cocktails by the beach? You can relive those memories at home, in this very comfortable and space saving armchair which doubles as a rocking chair.

armchair 9

Source: WashingtonPost

#12 Slumber Party

Do you feel like falling asleep while watching a movie or reading a book in the living room? You can do it if you have this beanbag armchair: just pull the zipper, give it a little shake and it turns into a large and comfortable mattress. Sweet dreams!

armchair 10

Source: Vurni

As you can see, there are many options to choose from when it comes to armchairs for small rooms. Remember that it is very important to coordinate your color schemes across all your living room, otherwise it will look cluttered and unwelcoming.

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