Basements are nondescript storage places for adults and home to the boogeyman for children. But did you ever imagine that it could be turned into a spectacular or cozy place, increasing the value of your property? Many old houses have generous basements, and even newer ones still have a sufficient basement footprint to make this space useful and easy to convert into various functions. Today we will take a look at various remodeling projects performed by homeowners all across America and Europe and show you the best basement conversions which will certainly inspire you to turn your own basement into a beautiful and useful area. Let us get started!

#1 A Teenager’s Bedroom

Teenagers are famously overprotective of their privacy. They are at a difficult age, when they need to figure out their personality and make the transition towards adulthood. As any parent knows, trying to reason with teenagers over sharing their personal space is a lost battle. Therefore, this family made a valuable investment for their teenage child’s happiness: the basement became a cool, trendy and 100% private bedroom.

basement 2

Source: IdealHome

#2 A Rustic Dining Room

This family wanted to be able to have dinner with their friends and extended family members without sitting huddled together at a small table. They also love the rustic style at the same time. The basement proved to have just the right size to arrange a long wooden table and wooden benches, leaving the brickwork exposed and adding a few more touches of rustic decor.

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Source: RatedPeople

#3 A Spectacular Living Room

This family wanted a cozy and relaxing room where they could enjoy themselves after work. They wanted a large and comfortable sofa, a generous sized projector screen for movies, and bookcases for their DVD collections. All these items would not fit any of their small rooms. But the basement proved just large enough to create an amazing living room and relaxation area.

basement 6

Source: DiligentDevelopments

#4 A Home Gym

Many people would love to have their own gym equipment and exercise in the privacy of their home. But this means setting aside a room and converting it into a home gym. In a small home, that is truly impossible. But if you have a basement, the situation changes completely. Instead of keeping it as a storage room for old items, you can convert it into your very own gym.

basement 7

Source: Basement-Living

#5 Home Cinema

The movies you love should be watched on a large screen, just like in theater. But where can you install the large screen TV? And what about comfortable seats? How can you fit one for each family member, plus a few friends? That’s simple: in the basement. Add the fact that this area is also sound proof, so if you’re in the mood of watching an action movie, you won’t disturb your spouse and children who are taking a nap.

basement 10

Source: HomeBuilding

#6 A Cool Bar

Posters on the wall, comfortable seats, a wide selection of drinks and the sleek wooden bar – that sounds almost too good to be able to achieve in a small house. This family decided to look around until they found the necessary space, and they did – in their basement. Now they can relax and chill with friends during the weekend even on bad weather, and it still feels like going out to a great bar.

basement 11

Source: Houzz

#7 Industrial Style Den

The rugged industrial style is making a comeback, with extra touches of modern, sleek furniture. Many persons dream of such a den where they can sit and read their favorite books or do their taxes. A determined homeowner decided to make his dream come true and converted his basement into this cool looking den.

basement 1

Source: IdealHome

#8 An Indoor Pool

A pool? My own pool? Yes, you can have it and use it during all seasons, because it is situated in your basement and you can turn up the heat as much as you want. After all, why shouldn’t you enjoy the good life in a small house? Not to say that your property value will increase tremendously after this conversion.

basement 4

Source: RatedPeople

#9 Ultra-Modern Kitchen

Every chef needs their well appointed kitchen, with the necessary utensils and appliances and the privacy they need to create amazing dishes. You do not have to be an actual professional chef to enjoy a beautiful and modern kitchen to cook for your family. You can most certainly have it in your basement, away from everyone and with all the space you need to feel at ease while you are seasoning meat and chopping vegetables.

basement 5

Source: DiligentDevelopments

#10 Laundry Room

Here is a 100% practical basement conversion. This family needed a place for doing the laundry and installing airing cabinets. Since their house is really tiny, they had to resort to the basement – and made it into the most spacious and best organized laundry room ever.

basement 8

Source: Basement-Living

#11 The Nursery

Small and school aged children need their private place to play, read and do their homework. It is important to create this space where they are not disturbed by noises or by other people passing through the room. This helps them focus and learn faster. This family decided to turn the entire basement into a nursery and their children absolutely love it!

basement 9

Source: HomeBuilding

#12 A Music Room

What do you do if your spouse or teenage child has a musical band? Their rehearsals would certainly prevent you from taking a nap, not to say upset the neighbors. But this family found a simple solution to this conundrum: they turned the basement into a rehearsal room. There is virtually no sound coming out and the band is free to create their music in a comfortable space.

basement 12

Source: Houzz

It’s amazing how much a little creativity can do, isn’t it? We hope that among our examples of the best basement conversions here you found at least one to inspire you.

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