Even if you do not work from home, you need a home office. There are bills to be paid, tax returns to be filled, and you need a quiet place where you can look at the papers and add the numbers. However, the best you can come up with as a home office is a corner or a recess in a room. But that’s all you need. With clever furnishing and planning, you can have a neat and ordered home office. The main problem is finding a desk which fits in this tiny space. Office desks are usually large and bulky. But it is still possible to find smaller models, adapted for small spaces. We have looked around and found 12 models of desks for a small home office which we really liked. Here they are:

#1 Sleek and Spacious

This sleek looking office desk is more than meets the eyes. The entire length and width is occupied by two large drawers where you can store office supplies and important documents. But the desk itself will only take up a little space in the room and create no clutter at all, since it is mounted directly on the wall.

desk 1

Source: ApartmentTherapy

#2 Chic and Useful

This desk is a classic example of the Scandinavian design philosophy: beauty, simplicity and functionality blending together in a timeless design. Built from responsibly managed forest funds, this desk will not only fit your needs, but help you be eco-friendly in your choice.

desk 4

Source: Freshome

#3 Expandable Desk

This desk for a small home office has a special design, inspired from the work of an architect belonging the famous Bauhaus movement. The simple and functional lines are ideal for a small space – the desk does not look like it takes up almost any space at all. When you need extra space for your papers, the desk has a flapping end which can be put up.

desk 5

Source: Remodelista

#4 Reinterpretation of the Secretary Desk

Secretary desks were popular during the 19th and early 20th centuries. They could be locked up and were provided with many drawers and pigeonholes for various correspondence and writing supplies. The idea is functional, but the classic secretary desk is quite bulky. However, many furniture companies have decided to take on this model and create a simplified, “shaved down” version.

desk 7

Source: BestProducts

#5 The Corner Desk

Corners are great places to organize a home office area because they are not used in any other way. With the help of a specially designed corner desk, you can have sufficient space for your work and for storing the equipment and office supplies you need.

desk 9

Source: LivingInAShoebox

#6 Wall Mounted Desk

This desk is the perfect choice if all you have for a home office is a side wall, usually on a corridor, at the transition point between two rooms. The design of the desk takes advantage of the vertical space available. Thus, you can organize folders, documents, books and any other supplies you need for your usual work on the computer.

desk 12

Source: Foter

#7 Ladder Design

The base structure of this desk imitates a ladder. However, the size is adapted for storing a computer and other office equipment and supplies and has a compact and ergonomic design. You will be able to work at ease and reach any item you need without effort.

desk 2

Source: ApartmentTherapy

#8 The Portable Desk

Shaped and working like a traveling case, this compact desk allows you to work not just from home, but from any other place. Granted, you cannot just pick it up by the handle and carry it, but the fact that you can move it about and the ability to increase or decrease the angle between the two halves makes it adaptable to any space, no matter how awkward.

desk 11

Source: Foter

#9 Sliding Desk

This desk can be large or small depending on how much space you need. The slide-out panel effectively doubles the surface of the desk. Although it has no storage spaces (drawers, cabinets) it is a great choice for people who work exclusively on the computer, for architects and designers.

desk 3

Source: Freshome

#10 Double Duty Desk

Every flat surface of this compact desk hides storage space for documents and office supplies. The sleek, modern design is well polished and fits well in any tight niche or corner. It is a pleasant looking desk, both simple and elegant in its lines.

desk 6

Source: Remodelista

#11 A Classic Approach

Maybe modern furniture is not what you prefer. Here’s some good news: classic furniture is now available in smaller sizes. Just look at this adorable secretary desk: classic, refined lines, absolute elegance and a compact size to fit in your tiny home office.

desk 8

Source: BestProducts

#12 The Most Space Saving Desk

This desk is readily available for you to work when you need it. For the rest of the times, it is folded up the wall, taking no place at all.

desk 10

Source: LivingInAShoebox

As you can see, there are plenty of choices when it comes to desks for a small home office. All you need is the patience to find the right one for your tastes and budget.

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