Summer is the season when all the children want to stay outside and play. This is also good for their health, because the sun helps them synthesize vitamin D, which is vital for strong bones. But it is not practical to stay out in the park with the children all the time – you still need to do housework or go to your job. What is the alternative for ensuring that your children spend time outdoors? The answer is on your balcony. Many parents have discovered the usefulness of this space of their apartment. And today we will share with you the best child friendly balcony ideas.

#1 Add Some Grass

Natural or artificial, green grass will attract children on the balcony like flowers attract bees. Arrange a small table, chairs, coloring books and toys, and you will keep your children busy for hours. Whenever you have a free moment, join them on a comfortable settee and enjoy browsing your favorite magazine.

Source: RaceTop

#2 Install a Teepee

Children love to play Indians, pirates, Robin Hood or other historical or mythological roles. This mom decided to allow her little Indians to have their own teepee on the balcony and let them play – also keeping them away from too much sun exposure.

balcony 1

Source: Martelka

#3 Give Children a Quiet Homework Area

This family installed a blackboard on the balcony and gave their child a quiet, breezy place to do their homework, draw and have fun. In this way, the family can enjoy a little peace and quiet, knowing that their child is safe in their own personal space.

balcony 3

Source: BuddyBerries

#4 Bright Colors Everywhere

Let’s face it, a balcony is not the most exciting place for a child. But these clever parents chose a brightly colored wallpaper and hung charming curtains and turned the standard balcony into a beautiful play area.

balcony 4

Source: Lushome

#5 Arrange a Children’s Party Area

Children enjoy small parties, no just on their birthday, but every time when their friends are around. A resourceful mom arranged fairy lights and colorful chairs, even a small inflatable pool to turn a small balcony into the best venue for a children’s party.

balcony 5

Source: DIYHome

#6 A Bit of Nature on Your Balcony

Potted plants, a pink flamingo and grass on the floor – these are simple tricks to turn a basic balcony into a small and charming garden for your children to play in. Crawling roses add fragrance and color to this magical place and the fairy lights make this place ideal for birthday parties.

balcony 8

Source: HomeXmas

#7 Camping Out

Pillows, blankets, some bed sheets for privacy will create the illusion of  a camping site for your children. They can read, take naps or play games and enjoying a bit of sunshine while you are doing household chores.

balcony 6

Source: SmallNotebook

#8 Build a Drawing Station

Children love to express their creativity through drawing (and many walls stand witness to that). For this family, it was simpler to create a DIY drawing station containing everything their child needs in their artistic endeavors. They placed the station on the balcony and now the child has a private space to work on their artwork.

Source: Blioaho

#9 Arrange a Sand Pit

Sand pits are the first place children run to when they reach the park. This family created a sand pit for their child on the balcony to give them a quiet and safe place to play while they are at work. With proper care, you won’t get too much sand inside the apartment.

balcony 11

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#10 You Never Go Wrong with an Inflatable Pool

Ah, the joys of taking a bath in the pool! It is a blessing on a hot summer day. And your child can enjoy it straight on the balcony, thanks to inflatable pools of various sizes. At leas one model will certainly fit your balcony.

balcony 10

Source: BuddyBerry

#11 A Colorful Breakfast Corner

Getting children to eat their breakfast in the morning is a challenge for any parent. Not anymore! This beautifully arranged and pleasant breakfast corner on the balcony will get your children excited to start their day with a healthy snack.

balcony 2

Source: HomeXmas

#12 A Room with a View

This faux window with charming curtains is the perfect addition to the rest of the decor, fit for a little princess. A few simple touches can change a boring balcony into an enchanted palace.

balcony 13

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Wow, that was truly amazing! As you can see, it doesn’t take a huge investment to achieve these child friendly balcony ideas and make an amazing playground for your children right at home.

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