Every good housekeeper knows that winter supplies are very important. Who would like taking the car out on a cold, snowy day to go to the grocery store for half a pound of potatoes and a couple of garlic cloves? That’s right, nobody. It is much simpler to go in the pantry and get what you need. As everyone knows, vegetables like potatoes and onions can be kept over the winter and maintain their freshness. However, it takes a bit of care to store them properly so that they don’t sprout or get spoiled. Generally, these vegetables should be kept in a cool and dark place. However, not everyone affords the luxury of an actual pantry. People living in small homes and apartments have to improvise a lot in every aspect of their lives. Today we will show you some effective and simple potato, onion and garlic storage ideas you can try at home.

#1 Punched Paper Bags

Paper bags are very useful for storing vegetables. They are made of thick and strong brown paper which maintains the contents cool and dry. However, potatoes, garlic and onion need a bit of ventilation to prevent them from going dry. A few punches made with the office puncher will help you create lots of storage bags for your vegetables.


Source: TheYummyLife

#2 Wire Baskets

Here is a simple way to keep onions, potatoes, garlic and other vegetables ready to pick for cooking. It is very easy to create this storage system with the help of a wooden frame and a few wire baskets. Attention, this solution is not adequate for keeping large quantities for a long time, because the vegetables are exposed to sunlight but rather a way of having them handy for your everyday cooking.


Source: GoodsHomeDesign

#3 Bushel Baskets

These are the traditional storage solutions used by farmers for centuries to keep their crops over the winters. The woven bushel baskets offer optimal storage conditions for potatoes and other vegetables: they maintain a cool temperature inside, prevent sunlight from entering, but allow proper ventilation. Also, they look very nice, giving your house a rustic atmosphere.


Source: Gardeners

#4 Ladder Storage

Here is a simple and crafty way of having a vegetables rack in your kitchen without taking too much space: take an old wooden ladder, add some baskets (wooden or wicker baskets are the best option) and then prop it against a wall. That’s it!


Source: Courtneysbathtubgin

#5 Create a Mini-Pantry in a Corner

All houses and apartments have awkward corners where no piece of furniture really fits. Pick one such corner in your kitchen or next to it and install a series of storage bins directly on the walls. As one extra tip, add a curtain to hide the mini-pantry and keep sunlight from affecting the vegetables you store there.


Source: AbundantMiniGardens

#6 Bamboo Totes

Many festive sweets are packed in ornamental bamboo totes with a lid. You should save these totes – not only they look decorative, but they are also a great storage solution for onions, potatoes and garlic.


Source: BookNerds

#7 Vegetables Dispensers

Made of sturdy Hessian, these vegetable dispensers are very useful in every kitchen. Hessian is known for being one of the best materials for long term vegetables and grains storage and the special design of the dispenser makes it easy for you to get the potatoes or onions one by one as you need them for cooking.


Source: Novate

#8 Pantyhose Holders

This is an ingenious way of repurposing pantyhose after you tore a thread and they are unwearable. Onion and garlic fare quite well in these ingenious holders, which can be placed almost anywhere without taking up valuable space.


Source: Jewelpie

#9 Pegboard Storage

This is a super-simple way of creating an integrated storage solutions for various types of vegetables. You will need a piece of pegboard a few wicker or bushel baskets and a handful of nails.  This is potato, onion and garlic storage solution is also good for longer term storage if you add lids to the baskets.


Source: GoodsHomeDesign

#10 Ceramic Containers

Great looking and useful, these ceramic containers with lids are very good for keeping vegetables cool, dry and away from sunlight. Look for a model which has a couple of perforations to keep the produce well ventilated and make sure to keep the containers away from children (they are the no. 1 enemy of anything breakable).


Source: BookNerds

#11 Pull-out Drawers and Baskets

You will have to sacrifice a couple of tableware drawers, but it is for a very useful purpose: while tableware can be placed in other areas around the kitchen, the cool and dark storage solution offered by the drawers is a must to keep potatoes and onions fresh for your dishes. Add a couple of wicker baskets to prevent moisture from setting in.


Source: Novate

#12 Laundry Hampers

If you have the tiniest pantry or mudroom in the world, it is still good enough to store vegetables. A couple of laundry hampers hung on the inside of the doors are all you need to keep your potatoes and other necessary vegetables over the winter.


Source: Jewelpie

And here we are at the end of our recommendations. As you can see, it is very simple to find a way and create potato, onion and garlic storage solutions even in small and cramped homes. After all, need is the best teacher ever.

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