Any mother knows the struggle to get children ready for school each morning. The worst moment is the last minute rush through the house to find all the books and other school supplies your children will need during classes. Left to their own devices, children tend to spread their things all over the house. And you will end up stepping on a sharp pencil, or bumping into a backpack when you least expect them. Things cannot continue like that. You need to take control and put order in your children’s school things. And today we will show you twelve clever and clutter free ways to organize school supplies, even in a small house.

#1 Apply the Locker System

Your child has a locker at school where they keep things they don’t need during class. This system works just as well at home. Find a shallow niche and install locker style partitions and shelves, with clothes hooks for the backpack and overcoat. In this way, the morning routine becomes much simpler and leaves you enough time to enjoy breakfast and coffee in peace and quiet.

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Source: 11MagnoliaLane

#2 Create a Turntable Station for Supplies

Children need lots of things when they do their homework: colored crayons, rubber, pen, glue, etc. Make it easy and fun for them to keep their school supplies organized and always at hand with this simple DIY turntable station. You will need a plastic disc, some glue and 3-4 mason jars or plastic cups.

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Source: OneLittleProject

#3 Repurpose a Wine Rack

An old wine rack is the perfect holder for plastic cups or glasses for all your children’s pens, pencils and colored crayons. Easily accessible while they do their homework, this DIY organized will also encourage them to be neat and put back each item in its place.

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Source: OrganizationJunkie

#4 Mobile School Supplies Station

An old coffee table can be easily customized with shelves, castor wheels and dividers to serve your child as a school organizer. It can hold books, notebooks, writing supplies and it is easy to put it away in a corner after your child finished doing the homework.

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Source: Babble

#5 Floating Shelves

Open shelves installed on the wall at ergonomic height around your child’s desk are perfect for storing various supplies and helping your child learn to be organized. Use brightly colored play buckets or plastic cups as holders and leave room for books, as well.

Source: DebraKristi

#6 Use Binders to Store Pencils

Binders with plastic see-through folders are used for storing important documents and files. But a clever mom found an original use for them: to keep her children’s colored crayons collection neatly organized. Now you will easily see when your child runs out of a certain color and replace it in due time.

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Source: BecomingMartha

#7 Clear Tupperware Containers

Ah, the good old Tupperware containers! Useful for leftover food, for your lunch at work and…for organizing your children’s school supplies. And since they are see through, your children will easily find what they are looking for without making a mess.

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Source: 11MagnoliaLane

#8 The Trusted Shoe Organizer

Alright, when you are really swamped in school supplies, it is time for a heavy duty approach: shoe organizer. Every clear pouch is large enough to keep many rubbers, pencils, scissors and other supplies, so just 1 organizer hanging against a door will solve your problem. This is a great solution for families with 2+ children: each child is assigned a number of pouches and is responsible to keep their school supplies neatly organized.

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Source: OneLittleProject

#9 DIY Open Shelves

A wooden stand consisting of skinny open shelves is the best storage place for books and notebooks. Your child will never misplace any of their school books and manuals and you don’t have to invest in a bulky bookcase.

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Source: OrganizationJunkie

#10 Repurpose a Silverware Holder

Silverware holders are perfectly shaped and divided to be used as school supply organizers. Even larger items like rulers and scissors fit in there perfectly.

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Source: Babble

#11 Everything Is Simpler with Cubby Holes

Cubby holes make life easier when it comes to storing various items and displaying decorations in a small home. For parents, cubby holes represent a space saving solution for organizing their children’s supplies.

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Source: Debra Kristi

#12 A Clear Schedule for Everyone

This mother is certain that her children will never leave home without their backpacks ready and knowing their school schedule. This way of organizing school things and clothes is a life saving for families with several children.

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Source: BecomingMartha

As you can see, there are so many ways in which you can teach your children to be neat and responsible with their own things by providing them with simple and easy ways to organize school supplies. All it takes is a little imagination and, sometimes, DIY work.

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