Gadgets of all sorts have become a part of our lives. It is unimaginable to think about living without a laptop, smartphone or tablet and in each family every member owns two or three such devices. While this ensures no quarrels between kids when it comes to doing homework or playing games on the phone, it also means that you have to deal with lots and lots of charging cords. No matter how much you try to keep them neat and ordered, the result is always the same: a tangled mess of cords and spending lots of time to find the exact charger you need for your device. However, things do not have to stay like this: we have looked around and found not one but twelve great ideas for charging stations organizers. Here they are:

#1 A Wire Basket

This simple solution will help you remove all those cables from the floor and have your phones and tablets neatly placed in a decorative wire basket, close to the power outlet. ThisĀ  charging station organizer has the advantage that it does not occupy valuable space on a table or shelf, and allows you to keep the charging cords away from your walking path.

station 2

Source: HouseBeautiful

#2 Repurpose a Bread Box

Bread boxes continue to be useful even after you have upgraded to a new model. For example, you can place one next to your power outlet and place an extension power strip inside it, turning it into a clutter free charging station. This solution is also helpful if you have small kids or pets – you remove the risk of accidental dialing while the phone is charging on the table.

station 4

Source: OneCrazyHouse

#3 Customize a Wicker Basket

“This is my charging spot! No, it’s mine!” How many parents have to deal with this daily bickering between kids? Countless – but no more. With a few DIY compartments, a simple wicker basket offers every member of the family sufficient space for all their devices.

station 5

Source: HomeStorageSolutions

#4 Upcycle an Old Magazine Rack

A new coat of paint, and your old magazine rack is saved from the garbage bin and turned into a useful charging station. This option is ideal for larger devices, such as laptops and tablets, which cannot be placed in an ergonomic and space saving position otherwise.

station 7

Source: Remodelaholic

#5 Pull Out Drawers

The upper drawers in a living room cabinet can become a space saving solution for charging your mobile phones and tablets. Usually, top drawers are quite shallow and cannot be used for storing large items. You can also create a supplementary compartment by installing a horizontal plywood or plastic sheet inside a drawer.

station 10

Source: Houzz

#6 Bulldog Clips

Heavy duty paper clips are the ideal solution for keeping charging cords neatly untangled by your desk. Just clip them on the edge of the desk and you have a handy, cheap and reliable holder and separator for all the cables you are using.

station 12

Source: Homedit

#7 A Handy Pouch

Handmade pouches represent the simplest and most space saving solution for creating a charging station for your mobile phones. You can easily hang it on a door handle or a hook fixed on the wall just below the outlet.

charging 1

Source: HouseBeautiful

#8 Repurpose an Old Mail Organizer

Wooden mail organizer have fallen from popularity, but it does not mean that you should get rid of yours. Drill a few holes in its back and you can easily turn it into a charging station for all your family’s gadgets.

station 3

Source: OneCrazyHouse

#9 Cord Management Device

This simple and very affordable device is the perfect solution for managing all the charging cables in your house.

station 6

Source: HomeStorageSolutions

#10 The Charging Dock

A wooden crate can turn into a very useful charging stations with as many compartments as you need for all your devices. It takes a little elbow grease, but in the end you will be proud of your efforts.

station 8

Source: Remodelaholic

#11 Convert a Niche

A shallow niche in the wall is the ideal place to install a few floating shelves and turn it into a spacious charging station for your mobile phones, tablets and laptops.

station 9

Source: Houzz

#12 Repurpose a Shoe Box

A simple shoe box can become something very useful in your house: a charging station which keeps all the chargers together and the cords uncluttered and away from the floor.

station 11

Source: Homedit

As you can see, it is very easy to make your own charging station organizers and keep your charging cables neat and untangled at all times. Feel free to share your own ideas with us!

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