When it comes to decorations, everyone has their own particular tastes. Styles and fashions come and go. But there is something that will always stay fashionable: natural colors and materials. No matter what style you prefer, we are sure that you would not mind bringing nature in your home and incorporating natural elements in the decor of each room. For this reason, we decided to find the most beautiful and creative ways to decorate with nature instead of man made items. Let’s get started on this exciting journey!

#1 Branches as Key Rack

Joined branches are usually cut off because they are not useful for furniture making and are difficult to cut to size as firewood. If you happen to have a felled tree near your house, you will certainly find such discarded branches. They will make a lovely and free key rack in your home.

nature 1

Source: DIYNetwork

#2 Acorn Mirror Frame

A boring mirror will become a stunning decorative item with just a little bit of DIY work, a jar of glue and a few handfulls of acorns. Autumn is the right season to collect them and we are sure that the local squirrels will not mind sharing with you.

nature 3

Source: Martha Stewart

#3 A Twisted Branch

We find them on the road after a particularly windy day and we are impressed by their tangled arms. Pieces of top branches have a unique beauty in the specific pattern of their twisted shootings. A coat of lacquer and that windblown branch can become an unexpected decoration in your home.

nature 6

Source: BHG

#4 Pebble Hot Pads

Hot pads for soup tureens or coffee pots are a must if you don’t want to burn through the table cloth or even the table itself. There are many models hot pads to buy – but we recommend to make your own using flat river pebbles. Not only it is more efficient than other artificial materials, but the look and pattern of natural stone is very decorative.

nature 7


Source: Lushome

#5 Agate Coasters

Agate slices can be found at the flea market or various specialized fairs for crafts made with natural material. Each slice is unique and has a subtly different pattern and color scheme. They are extremely sturdy and look absolutely magnificent on any coffee table.

nature 11

Source: Homedit

#6 Seashell Centerpieces

Not sure what to use as centerpiece for your dinner table? Take the seashells you collected all summer long, put them in a glass with water and add a flower. Now you have an absolutely unique and beautiful centerpiece!

nature 9

Source: TheCottageMarket

#7 Hollow Log Planter

When an old tree is cut down, it usually has a hollow core, unable to sustain its vitality. But a sizable slice of this old core can sustain life again in your home – as a natural planter for flowers.

nature 2

Source: DIYNetwork

#8 Moss and Mushrooms Centerpiece

Are you looking for a truly original centerpiece? Here is a living one: a bowl where moss and mushrooms grow freely. You just need to pick a patch of moss and add a few pieces of mushroom and place them atop a bowl with generously watered soil. Nature will do the rest of the work.

nature 4

Source: Martha Stewart

#9  A Rustic Bathroom Stool

Relaxing in a hot bath with your favorite shampoo and bath foam close at hand is one of the small luxuries we can afford every day. This person decided to have something special instead of a regular stool: a piece of tree trunk. In combination to the sleek modern look of the bathroom, this unique stool creates a warm and homey atmosphere.

nature 5

Source: BHG

#10 Tree Slices as Wall Decor

Every tree slice tells a story. It is the story of the tree – each ring marking a year in its life. Changing colors mean that one year was dry, while other had a lot of rain. Whenever you look at these slices, you will feel closer to the cycle of natural life. And your guests will also admire your original decor style.

nature 8

Source: Lushome

#11 Stone and Copper Bead Strings

Bead strings are quite popular – they were all the rage during the Flower Power decade. Nostalgia and the return to retro design brought them back in stores. But this family wanted a more natural, DIY approach: they handpicked colored stones and created their own bead strings with the help of copper wire.

nature 12

Source: TheCottageMarket

#12 Pine Cones Garland

Pine cones are fascinating. They look like miniature fir tree. They are so symmetrical. And they make perfect decorative items. This family had the idea to string several of them into a beautiful garland hanging above their fireplace. The result: just perfect.

nature 10

Source: Homedit

And this concludes our list of examples, but we are sure that you have other great ideas to decorate with nature and create your own unique style. Feel free to share them with us!

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