The holiday season is over, children go back to school and adults back to work. But all of us have something to remind us of this summer: the souvenirs we collected. Some people have just a few, others, being true globe trotters, have collected many of them. But what do you do with them? The house is full already. Do you pack them into Ziploc bags and toss them in a storage bin? No way! You took the time and care to bring them back from the other corner of the world, after all. You should show them off. And today we will show you just that, in twelve creative examples of how to display vacation souvenirs. Are you ready? Then let’s get started!

#1 Create Dioramas in Mason Jars

This family used a jar for each location they visited each year and arranged all the keepsakes they collected. Over the years, you will have a beautiful collection of dioramas reminding you of all the great times you had on vacations.

souvenir 1

Source: JSOnline

#2 Collect Memory Boxes

Small jewelry boxes can be easily customized and transformed into memory boxes for your vacation souvenirs. This is a great idea if you want to preserve delicate items for a longer time – such as printed papers which would fade under the constant sunlight in time.

souvenir 4

Source: PopSugar

#3 Make a Postcard Frame

Some people are avid collectors of postcards. They do not buy postcards to send to family and friends, but also for themselves. And this person decided to display their favorite postcards on the wall, mounted in a beautiful frame. The advantage of this set-up is that the postcards can be easily replaced from time to time.

souvenir 5

Source: GoodHousekeeping

#4 Stitch a Roadmap

For some people, the best vacation is driving around from place to place, exploring new landscape and enjoying the scenic journey as much as the destination. One such family decided to keep a permanent reminder of their memorable summer journey by stitching their itinerary on a map.

souvenir 7

Source: HGTV

#5 Make Fridge Magnets from Foreign Coins

When you go abroad, you usually exchange a sizable amount of money in local currency for all expenses. And it is most likely that you will be left with some coins at the end of the vacation. It would be pointless to change them back to US dollars (or cents, more likely). This family found a good use for leftover coins: they turned them into fridge magnets!

souvenir 9

Source: AdventuresOfACreativeGirl

#6 Make a Poster of Local Travel Tickets

This person is an avid collector of public transportation tickets from all the places they have visited. And since such a collection is easy to ruin or lose, the simplest solution to preserve it was to create a poster. By sticking them together, like puzzle pieces, the frugal traveler now has this beautiful artwork to display:

souvenir 10

Source: Brit

#7 Create DIY Christmas Ornaments

This family collects key chains from every place they visit. And they decided to show them off in a very simple manner: by adding a bit of red string and using them as decorations for the Christmas tree. Clever and beautiful!

souvenir 11

Source: TheFrisky

#8 Put Everything In a Frame

This family put all their souvenirs from their vacation in Hawaii in a frame. They collected sea shells, kept receipts for meals, even put sand in a little vial. The tasteful display now has prize of the place in the family’s living room.

souvenir 2

Source: JSOnline

#9 Arrange Souvenirs In Cubby Furniture

This open cubby cupboard keeps a nicely ordered memento of the family’s travels over the years. Meaningful and beautiful keepsakes are proudly displayed and allow the family member to remember how much fun it was to go on vacation to each place.

souvenir 6

Source: PopSugar

#10 A Plentiful Collection

In any hotel or restaurant you go, you can easily get a branded matchbox. By the look of this collection, this person has traveled a lot. We also love the old-school apothecary jar used to store the matchboxes.

souvenir 3_1

Source: GoodHousekeeping

#11 Make a Coffee Tray with Preserved Plants

This sheer Plexiglas tray contains the pressed flowers the family’s children collected from all the places they have been to. These delicate souvenirs would be certainly ruined or lost otherwise.

souvenir 8

Source: HGTV

#12 Immortalize Your Travels with a Huge Centerpiece

An old drawer became the centerpiece of this family’s journeys across the world. They pinned photos to the corresponding map locations and we are sure that this collection will keep growing.

souvenir 12

Source: Buzzfeed

And this concludes our list of recommendations for ways to display vacation souvenirs, but we are sure that you also have a few great original ideas. Feel free to share them with us in the comments below!


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