Let’s face it: almost everything we order online is delivered in a cardboard box. Some boxes are larger, other are smaller, but they all take up place in your home until you find time to recycle them. However, there is another possible way in which you can deal with these boxes and make them useful around your house. Today we will show you no less than twelve creative DIY cardboard projects you could do with your family. The result of the work will be both practical and artistic¬† – and it saves you the money you would have spent on the items you create in this way. Let’s get started!

#1 Wall Art

What can you do about those bare walls? Some kind of creative artwork would go there…but not very large…and it should be placed in that specific area to balance the mirror on the opposite wall…It is hard to find the specific artwork item which fits this description. So why don’t you make it? All you need are a couple of cardboard boxes, scissors, paint and…your own creativity.

cardboard 2

Source: Buzzfeed

#2 Lap Tray

This lap tray is useful both for having a romantic breakfast in bed, or to allow kids to do their homework or read in bed, sitting in a correct position. To obtain the necessary strength, you may have to glue several layers of cardboard together and then cut out the profiles, or find a heavy duty box (such as the one your washing machine came in).

cardboard 4

Source: GoodHousekeeping

#3 A Bookcase

This very creative looking bookcase would have cost a lot if it had been ordered from a furniture store. However, the creative family decided to put their skills at work and make it themselves, following their own idea. Now, this is a truly beautiful and useful way of repurposing cardboard boxes!

cardboard 6

Source: TopDreamer

#4 Toy Cars and Trains for Children

The prices for child sized cars and trains are ridiculous these days! Plus, in a year or two, the children will outgrow them and want other things to play with. So why would you spend so much money, when you can make toy trains, cars and even boats for your kids from cardboard boxes? Glue, scissors, paint and patience are all the extra ingredients you will need.

cardboard 8

Source: TipJunkie

#5 A Chute

Yet another simple plaything which your children will love, the chute placed over the stairs will keep them busy on the rainy and winter days. No need to explain to them that you cannot go to the park, just bring out the cardboard chute from the closet and let them play!

cardboard 10

Source: MakeIt-LoveIt

#6 Storage Totes

Why can’t you use the boxes for the purpose they were meant, storing things in them? Yes, but they look so drab! Not anymore, after you’ve applied a coat of paint and added a plastic handle, too. Now your cardboard storage totes look better than those you find in stores.

cardboard 12

Source: BobVila

#7 Desk Organizer

This is a simple and clever idea for home offices. Cut out several pieces from a cardboard box, arrange them carefully one on top of the other and glue them together. Now you have a DIY desk organizer for your mobile phone and various writing supplies.

cardboard 1

Source: Buzzfeed

#8 A Beautiful Toy Castle

Every little girl dreams of being a princess at a moment. And every princess needs a castle. Instead of spending a small fortune on plastic toy castles, get your little princess to help you build her own dream castle from cardboard boxes.

cardboard 3

Source: GoodHousekeeping

#9 An Original Lampshade

This creative lampshade is made at home from cardboard boxes, not purchased from Etsy. In fact, if you are THAT good at making cardboard lampshades, you may as well start selling them online.

cardboard 5

Source: TopDreamer

#10 Gift Ideas

These homemade cardboard flowers in vases are a perfect Easter bunny gift. Your loved ones will appreciate it more than something you can find in any store.

cardboard 7

Source: TipJunkie

#11 A Kaleidoscope

Keep all family members entertained during rainy weekends with a simple DIY kaleidoscope. Find the full tutorial here.

cardboard 9

Source: MakeIt-LoveIt

#12 A Scratch Post

Dear cat owners, good news: you don’t have to see your furniture and carpets scratched every day. No, we don’t know a method to tell cats not to scratch, but we can advise you to make an inexpensive and useful scratch post from cardboard boxes. It can be easily replaced at no cost at all.

cardboard 11

Source: BobVila

We are sure that as you are browsing through these DIY cardboard box projects, you have already thought of other similar ones. Please feel free to share them with us!

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