The great Renaissance man Leonardo da Vinci stated that a bright mind cannot reside in an unwashed body – and this is something that we all agree on. Besides, taking a bath is one of the most relaxing things to do at the end of a busy day at the office or minding the children. The bathroom is a temple of cleanliness and relaxation – and it should express its functions by the way it looks. However, due to lack of storage space, many bathrooms look cluttered and not so inviting as we would like. Today we will help you regain control over this space with a few simple but efficient ways of decluttering the bathroom.

#1 Use Hanging Shower Caddies

These tiered wire caddies are the ideal solution for keeping your shampoo, shower gel and children’s bath toys neatly arranged and away from the bathroom counter and floor. If you have a larger family, you can add one set of caddies for each person so that no one will complain of losing their favorite bath scent.


Source: A Blissful Nest

#2 Install Bathroom Supplies Dispensers

Liquid soap, shampoo, shower gel…all these take up lots of place in their commercial containers. It is much more efficient to buy and install a set of dispensers, placed in such a way that they are easily reachable from the sink and bath tub. Use as many dispensers as you need – one for each family member’s favorite shampoo, for instance – and get rid of the clutter.


Source: Curbly

#3 Keep Hair Pins Organized

Bobby pins are said to be the most purchased and fastest disappearing item in any house. Disprove the saying by installing a magnetic band and keeping all of them neatly organized and always available. Now you will not need to go to the store every few days for a new set of bobby pins!


Source: Make Space

#4 Make Use of Dead Space

Dead space is that awkward corner behind the door, under the stairs, or under a bathroom counter. You can’t walk through it, but it doesn’t mean it should be left unused – not in a small house or apartment. Custom made cabinets to fill this space to perfection will help you store away towels, bath robes, toilet paper and bathroom cleaning supplies.


Source: HGTV

#5 Buy a Hair Styling Station

Blow driers, various rotary brushes, curling irons and so on are items we cannot live without, but which add up to the clutter in the bathroom. A simple and elegant looking hair styling station will keep them neatly contained, including the cords (the bane of everyone’s modern existence).


Source: Homemade Home Ideas

#6 Apothecary Jars Save Space and Add Charm

There is something charming and quaint in the look of old time apothecary jars. They can serve as decorations, but also as space saving containers for loofah scrubs, soaps, bath salts, makeup removal pads and other such items.


Source: Babble

#7 Basket Containers

We love these rustic looking baskets which help every member in this family keep their toiletries neatly ordered. These small baskets can be fitted on any wall or door and help you keep the clutter away in the two critical areas: on the sink counter and around the tub or shower cabin.


Source: A Blissful Nest

#8 Place a Shelf Above the Door

Extra supplies, such as toilet paper or fresh towels can sit out of the way but always within reach on a shelf installed just above the bathroom door. As we keep telling our readers, no potential storage area should be overlooked when you live in a tiny home.


Source: Make Space

#9 Be Generous with Tension Rods

Tension rods are great for keeping towels in order and easy to reach for when you need them. If you do not have sufficient space for a cabinet, this is the perfect solution to keep your bathroom clutter free.


Source: HGTV

#10 Repurpose a Ladder

Wooden ladders can become great accessories in the bathroom for keeping bathrobes and towels organized. Plus, you will add a note of originality to the design of your bathroom.


Source: Homemade Home Ideas

#11 Keep Makeup Brushes Organized in a Stylish Way

A glass bottle or jar filled with coffee beans is the simplest and easiest way to keep your makeup brushes contained. And the look of this homemade holder is so great, that you will never be tempted to leave them on the counter.


Source: Make Space

#12 Hide Supplies Under a Curtain

A simple curtain will hide the niche where you keep bathroom and cleaning supplies, making the room look less cluttered. This is a clever solution to replace a large cabinet which would leave you with little space in a small bathroom.


Source: HGTV

As you can see, decluttering the bathroom is easy if you are willing to enforce discipline in your family to use the storage solutions you have installed. It does not take a lot of work or money to create them, but you need to learn to use them and stop leaving items on the counter or elsewhere in the bathroom.

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