Living room walls are usually the biggest wall areas in the house or apartment for you to decorate. The living room is also the face of the house, where you meet and socialize with guests, thus it is important to find the right decorations that do not only reflecting your style and personality but are also stylish and in harmony with other rooms in the house.

So if you are stuck on ideas, check out these 12 easy, stylish and fabulous wall decorations for living room to stir up your creativity!

#1 – Decorate with an oversized stylish clock

A big stylish clock will be an attention grabber right away. So if you want simply yet effective wall decoration, go with a big decorative piece that is eye-catching and dramatic. Spending a bit on this piece wouldn’t be such a big sin as this would be a timeless decor that you can later move to any other room if you want a new look for the living room wall.

wall decorations for living room oversized clock

Oversized shabby chic clock


#2 – Decorate with mirrors

A big mirror over the sofa is a popular and easy way to decorate your living room wall. Several small mirrors together will also work beautifully on the wall.

living room wall decor mirrors

Antique mirror wall art


#3 – Display pictures on the wall

A traditional, simple and easy to implement way to fill up your blank wall. You can either use frames of the same size like the picture below or mix it up with sizes, colors and styles for a more eclectic look.

wall decorations for living room family pictures

Family photos on living room wall

via walldecorationsforlivingroomfamilypictures

#4 – Shelving on living room wall

There are so many ways that functional items like shelves can become stylish and decorative. You can display colorful books, pictures and pretty collectible items on the shelves. Both functional and decorative!

wall decorations for living room shelving

Pretty shelving


#5 – Decorate with a chalkboard

You can create your own chalkboard by buying chalkboard paint (which usually costs around $10 a liter) to paint on a wood board. A rustic frame will add shabby chic feel to the chalkboard and your living room while a frame with clean sharp edges will give out a modern and contemporary vibe.

living room wall decor chalkboard

Chalkboard over sofa


#6 – Empty frames on a display

If you have unused frames collecting dusts somewhere, bring them out and proudly display them on your wall. Frame walls are so in right now for their effortlessly stylish look and the fact that you don’t need to have deep pockets when decorating with frames.

wall decorations for living room empty frames

Shabby chic frames


#7 – Rustic wine crates on the wall

I love wine crates because of their rustic beauty and the multiple ways to re-purpose them. In the below picture they become perfect decor and storage space for the living room wall.

wall decorations for living room repurposed wine crates

Wine crates


#8 – Rustic wood signs

Add some rustic charm to your living room by hanging these rustic wood signs on the wall. The Happy Housie has a nice tutorial on how to make a reclaimed wood sign. It’s not a difficult project and I’m sure you would be very happy with the result!

wall decorations for living room wood sign

Rustic wood sign


#9 – Branches can be stylish decors for your wall

A big branch or several smaller branches can bring the wild nature onto your wall. In addition, branches could also be used to hang little things such as jewelries, which make them also very functional. Instead of using bare branches, you could also spray paint them for a more polished look.

wall decorations for living room branches

Branches on the wall


#10 – Colorful china plates

I love the clean and soft look china plates add to the wall. The best thing about decorating with china plates is that you can collect them over the years and cheaply through yard sales or second hand shops. Very beautiful vintage plates may cost you only $1 – $2 per piece from flea markets and charity stores.

living room wall decor china plates

China plates


#11 – An old door

Those old salvaged doors could become stunning decorations with a coat of paint or lacquer.

wall decorations for living room old door

Old door as wall decor


#12 – A wall full of letters

If you are into fun and eclectic decorations, don’t forget to buy some big oversized letters for your walls. Big decor letters are best mixed with pictures and empty frames.

living room wall decor letters

Colorful big letters


Mix it up! You can combine any of the above elements together for a random and fun decor mix for your living room walls, for example a collection of mirror, photos and empty frames together. Wall decorations for living room should be free, fun and reflect your personality and style.

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